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Debunking the Most Common Myths about Online Dating Sites & Apps

These days everyone seems to have ideas about online dating, even if they have never tried it. Many people keep giving advices and share their ...Read more

How do you Date People During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

People who are looking to date or love in the age of Coronavirus pandemic are facing a whole new set of challenges. And the best part is, they ...Read more

How to show affection

The word “Affection” holds a different meaning for different people. Affection is shown in different ways. You might be affectionate but not in ...Read more

Things to Consider Before you go for Arranged Marriage

When you decide to go for an arranged marriage, there might be many things running in your mind that you would like to ask your potential match ...Read more

Tips on Enjoying Successful Dating Experience Online Dating

Online dating has been one of the greatest creations. Don’t you think so? It’s like browsing through several profiles until you meet your perfect ...Read more

Four Ways to Preserve Your Love Long

People say, it’s difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship, but gone are the days when it was challenging to communicate when you were ...Read more

Do You Feel Used and Unappreciated

How do you decide what to do and not to do for our partner? If you feel like you are always giving and not receiving, you may be giving it too ...Read more

Is your Ex-Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship? Proven and Effective Ways to Win her Back

What is a Rebound Relationship? A rebound relationship is the one in which you get into immediately after your break-up maybe to offset the pain ...Read more

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine

What to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter if you are seeking to surprise your girlfriend by doing something out of the box ...Read more

Add Faith To Your Relationship

Faith is something that is vital to every single relationship you have. No matter if it is a relationship of friends, family, or even a ...Read more

How to deal with Issues in Married life?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but some couples have managed to lead a successful and happy married life with some tips and ...Read more

What type of Relationship do you fit in?

The definition of “Love” is different for everyone. Love is a different feeling for every person. Everyone connects love with their own set of ...Read more

What is the best dating advice you have ever been given?

Dating is not easy. Relationships are difficult, we all know that! A relationship requires good dedication, focus, and work. Finding the right ...Read more

How do you know if someone is mature for marriage?

Life is a dating game and it has its own ups and downs, and when you enter a relationship, you always want the type of relationship that you had ...Read more

How Men should behave with Women on a Date

Dating is a tricky affair. Where should you meet? What would be an apt way to greet? What should you wear? Who should pay? What you should say ...Read more

What is Love in its Purest Form?

Love is the biggest word in the dictionary of mankind. Love just does not mean the natural bonding between a man and a woman. We have been using ...Read more

What are some signs that a shy guy likes you?

Sometimes, it gets difficult to find out whether a guy likes you or not. Because not every guy is straightforward or outgoing, some guys are shy. ...Read more

how to keep up with aging in relationship

Whether you’ve been with the same person for 30 years or you’re finding new love half a century into your life, it’s always the ...Read more

Can you have a healthy relationship with a narcissist?

Narcissists can be complicated and manipulative people, and being in a relationship with a narcissist can be a little difficult if you don’t how ...Read more

Why do people need relationships?

Relationships are vital for various reasons such as creating stability, increasing emotional well-being, having someone to count on and someone ...Read more