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7 Tips for a Healthy Married Life

Every marriage is unique. Every couple has different experiences in their married life but we have one thing in common that we want our ...Read more

How to Move on After Breakup?

Yes, breakups are never easy and there is no shortcut to make this pain go away soon. However, this pain won’t last forever if you do not look ...Read more

How do I know if a girl is interested in me?

It’s pretty difficult to know what girls actually think. They might be hanging out with you just as friends or they might like you in some other ...Read more

What are the signs that your boyfriend truly loves you

Women are always in doubt whether her guy truly loves her not. She keeps asking him the same question but it’s not in the nature of men to ...Read more

Does Age really matter in a Relationship

Couples with large age-gap often raise eyebrows. People with a large age gap are seen with societal disapproval. However, these days, it really ...Read more

Smart Ways to Ask a Girl for her Phone Number

You met a girl, had a date with her and you really enjoyed talking to her. When it is time to say goodbye, you don’t want to bid goodbye to her ...Read more

Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Marriages, like other relationships, are not free from problems. But it is only when couples are not able to sort these problems that their ...Read more

Spousal Abandonment Syndrome

Spousal Abandonment Syndrome is when one of the partners leaves the marriage without saying anything or leaving any warning to the other partner. ...Read more

How Financial Infidelity can ruin your Relationship?

What is Infidelity? Getting indulged in a romantic affair with someone else than our partner or sleeping with someone who is not your partner ...Read more

How Introverts Show their Love

If you are an introvert or dated an introvert, you will surely relate to the following pointers. We have created a list of how introverts show ...Read more

Five Stages of Intimacy in Relationship

The stage of intimacy is a process that defines the phases we go through in a relationship as we develop our levels of intimacy with our ...Read more

Signs that Your Ex-Girlfriend wants you back

Relationships are mostly filled with emotions. If you break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend because of some fight or any reason, the impact ...Read more

How to make a Girl Kiss You?

Most of the times girls never initiate the first kiss. So, if you want to get a girl to kiss you, you have to show your magic power! If you want ...Read more

What could make you a Good Kisser?

We have all been through that uncomfortable moment when the guy or girl leans in for the kiss and awkward situations suddenly pop up. If you have ...Read more

Interesting Things to Talk to your Girlfriend

One of the best ways to become closer to your girl is to find some interesting topics to talk about that you both could relate. It’s not only ...Read more

Tips to Strengthen Your Relationship

Strengthening your relationship and making love last for long in a relationship has been a topic of interest for everyone. We know that often in ...Read more

Infatuation Vs Love

Infatuation and love are strong emotions experienced by the couples and many people fail to understand it correctly. Love and Infatuation often ...Read more

Signs your guy loves you or lusts you

Love at first sight! Do you really believe it? There is a lot of debate over whether or not even it exists. But how long does it take to fall ...Read more

Difference between Relationship and Dating

There is a major difference in dating and being in a relationship. You might never have thought about it, right? You might use these two words ...Read more

What is a sugar daddy relationship?

The definition of dating has changed, it’s no longer about being committed to one partner or dating someone who is similar to your age. These ...Read more