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Instead of the advancements and innovations the digital world has introduced, nothing particular has changed when it comes to dating. The same process works in the present era, and, i.e., we meet someone, communicate with him/her, and begin to date that person if it clicks. But, how the digital era has helped single people to get mingled is superbly impressive. There are plenty of mobile applications which help in making the dating process more comfortable and soothing. Some of the best dating apps are entirely free to use, while others charge some specific amount of money to get ahead. You can opt for the ones that seem suitable to you. After doing an appropriate research operation, we have come up with the best functioning and potential apps for you so that you may start dating your best match flawlessly.


Tinder is a standout platform amongst the most acclaimed dating applications out there, and it’s an app that comes at the first place according to our research. As fruitful the Tinder experiences have proved, we can clearly say that Tinder has totally changed the ways people used to date. Many of the Tinder relationships have come a long way, and the respective people turned out to be married. Due to its capability to perform in real-time, it has been assigned the position of the ruler among all the available dating apps.

The best part regarding it is that you do not need a Facebook account in order to enter Tinder. Though you may use your Facebook account if you want. The prime thing that is expected from you is that your age should be more than 18 years, i.e., you should be an adult officially. After getting into Tinder, you can add a bio for yourself in approx. 500 characters. You are also allowed to add a maximum six pictures of yourself. You can likewise interface your Tinder account to your Instagram, and incorporate further information about yourself. You can adjust discovery settings according to your convenience, and also filter out the preferences to decide what you will be seeing.

The interface of Tinder is super-easy to use, that’s why most of the people prefer it as the best dating app. Tinder showcases the name, photo, and age of a person, and if another person taps on the photo, he/she can get to know further details. All you have to do is to ‘swipe right’ for the ones you like, and ‘swipe left’ for them who you don’t find good enough. If both the persons have swiped right, then you will be notified as you have found a match, and then you can go ahead with the same.

The most common reviews that users have given for Tinder are:

  • Comfortable user interface.
  • Privacy controlled platform.
  • Fun to use.
  • Potential platform for singles.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that stands distinct because of its unusual yet attractive name. This app requires you to log into it through Facebook, and after that, you can define your choices, as well as, preferences while completing your profile. When it’s done, you are being send one bagel in a day. The bagel, i.e., sent to you is most probably a profile of the person who can turn out to be a match for you. You are provided with 24 hours in total to decide if you want to choose the bagel or not, i.e., if you intend to ‘like’ it or ‘pass’ it. If you like it and the other person does the same, then you both are allowed to connect. Only after getting connected, you’ll be allowed to access private chat, and can send messages to each other. The chat room assigned to you expires after completion of eight days irrespective of the fact that whether you have communicated or not.

Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to earn ‘beans’ in order to access advanced functions associated with the app. You can earn them through referrals, simply purchasing, or logging in consecutively. The app allows you to upload a maximum of nine photos of yourself; you can upload as many as you want within the count of nine.

The most common reviews that users have given for Coffee Meets Bagel are:

  • A pool of options to pick out the best.
  • The idea of the app to send a bagel as per preferences is super-cool.
  • The private chat room feature proves to be extremely useful.
  • The best-ever free-of-cost potential app.
  • Should be given a try at least for once.


Bumble appears to be almost like Tinder, but its processing is slightly different. The unique thing about Bumble is that while processing for the opposite genders, the woman has to start the communication, and she gets 24 hours to do so. The man, as well as woman involved in the match, can extend a particular match for 24 hours more if a woman didn’t or couldn’t approach the guy in the given limit due to any of the reasons. If the connection is being set up for same-gender matches, then any of the persons can start the conversation with another one.

Bumble doesn’t ask you to log in through your Facebook account; though you can do the same if you want to. It allows you to register through your mobile number, and then you can upload your pictures, and complete your profile just as you have done through Facebook. The processing of this app is somewhat like Tinder, but some of the features are different only.

It’s the only app that encourages women to take the initiative if they like someone, which is most probably a good reason to use this app over others. The other best thing about this app is that it strictly prohibits pornographic stuff, and promotes an open-hearted environment where everybody respects another’s privacy.

The most common reviews that users have given for Bumble are:

  • A great initiative to encourage women.
  • 24-hour time improves the response rate.
  • Prohibition of pornographic elements is a great idea.


OkCupid works on an entirely different concept in comparison to the other dating apps. It allows you to log in without connecting your Facebook account with it. You can frame a profile that reflects you, and for better understanding, you can answer a few questions that come your way while doing it. One more thing that you can do is that you can also fill in the answers from your partner’s side that you expect to be. You are allowed to make these answers public so that the one prepping to become your match can have a better idea about you.

To go to the needed options such as settings, and profiles, you have to go through the ‘slide-out menu.’ To search for someone who may prove to be a perfect match for you, you have to tap on the option ‘matches.’ This option doesn’t show you the persons with you’ve matched but shows you the potential options who may become your perfect match. You can refer to the ‘quickmatch’ option if you find the ‘matches’ one difficult or suffocated. Just like Tinder, you can proceed to like or communicate with a person you like, but you can only see who’ve liked you if you’ve upgraded to the status “A-list.”

The most common reviews that users have given for OkCupid are:

    • One of the best functioning dating app available right now.
  • Appreciable support, assistance, and functioning.
  • A great app to invest the time in.

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish (POF) has proven itself as one of the most impressive and oldest dating service providers. It has made up a big community till now. Plenty of Fish encourages the thought that the best matches are being found within 24 hours only. That’s why it focusses on making matches super-quickly to come up with the best-ever possibilities.

While using Plenty of Fish (POF), it allows you to go through a kind of chemistry test as per your preferences and requirements. Then it takes a quiz from you regarding your needs from a particular relationship. Such a test or procedure allows you to meet your perfect match. The best part of the POF app is that it is totally easy-to-use and free-of-cost, and lets you browse countless matches for you.

The most common reviews that users have given for Plenty of Fish are:

  • Plenty of options to pick out the best.
  • A great app to invest the time in.
  • Comfortable user interface.
  • The best-ever free-of-cost potential app.

Should be given a try at least for once.

Clover Review

Clover dating appClover is a mobile dating app that was launched in 2014 by CEO and founder Isaac Raichyk. It has a special feature that lets users arrange dates in as quick as two clicks. Users can exclude others from contacting them not just through blocking, but through criteria like their age, gender, or location. It currently has 3 million total users.

To sign in you will have to provide your basic information before you can proceed in using the site. For example, name, age, gender, orientation, height, occupation, and other basic details.

However, these are not mandatory. Clover states that providing more information improves the quality of your matches.

Clover has many interesting features like:

  1. On Demand Dating

This feature of the pp sets Clover apart from other dating apps. With this feature, you can browse through the profiles of people who have turned on this option and just choose between “I am interested” or “No thanks”.

  1. Mixers

Mixers are basically chat rooms or events that have a common theme. Some of the existing ones are “Serious Relationships only”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, “90s babies”, and more.

Some of the features about Clover dating site are:

  1. Clover gives you a compatibility % : The app gives you a percentage of compatibility with whom you can go on for a date so that you can know who can be the best fit for you as a partner.
  2. Swiping and browsing: Clover has Tinder-style swiping and OkCupid-style profile browsing. Clover brings the best of both worlds together.

Clover dating app or website is a cool option to try if you are excited to set up dates quicker and easier.


Happn was launched in 2014 which is a location-based online dating mobile application that connects members who are geographically close to each other. Happn has more than 50 million users worldwide.

It can be downloaded by all the users be it iOS, Android or Windows for free. However if the user wants to fully utilize its functions, they need to upgrade to premium membership

Best Dating sites reviewHappn has been called the “new Tinder” many times but it is different in various ways. Check below the interesting and new features of this dating app.

How to create tour account with Happn?

  1. Link it to your Facebook account


Register through your Mobile Number

  1. Enter the basic information
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Other data about your work, education and a description of yourself will also be asked but are not required

  1. Now you will need to identify that whether you want to cross paths with men, women or both.
  2. And you are ready to go. Happn does not hold new accounts for verification like other dating apps.

Happn shows your matches based on the proximity and preferences you have set. It actually shows your matches based on the identified criteria-proximity and preferences of the users.

Happn has security feature as well in which the users can send likes to other members and you cannot message them unless they also send you a “like”. This means members can chat with those who are interested in. This feature can be availed through premium subscription.

Happn has gained a lot of popularity recently.

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