Common myths related to relationships

Common myths related to relationships

Relationships are a part of life, which make our journey more prominent. Life is a cycle, and at each cycle, we need specific support, no doubt the relationship we have with our parents is the one which serves us from our birth till the time they leave us alone on this planet. At a point in our lives our parents or sometimes we decide to be with a person who can assist us to live in a better way. Talks about relationships always take the form of debates. Maintaining each and every relationship is an obligation which humans are meant to perform in a thankful way. Talking about the romantic relationships, in particular, then one thing which stays constant is, be it any couple, none can ever be perfect. To find love is beautiful and to experience, it is yet another pulchritudinous part of life. Fights are a very sweet part of a healthy relationship when you guys mutual trust on each other. Uncertainty is yet another basic element of a relationship, and to come over all the up and downs is the challenge every couple has to face to continue with their relationship. Myths are linked with every topic, and so are they connected with relationships as well. Let’s have a quick look at some of the most common myths about relationships famous around the globe.

The physical relationship is mandatory to have a healthy relationship

Sex is a basic requirement of human nature, but that doesn’t mean that a good sexual relationship is vital to make the relationship work long and healthy. Well, this is something which is completely false. If there are love and understanding, then that couple can stay happy even if they are living in a long distance relationship. What is required to make the relationship grow is the care, the concern, the emotional attachment between the two people, and if you have already won these basic points then you need not to make out each day just because you once heard that lack of sexual activities between the couple can ruin the relationship. If your partner forces you for making any kind of sexual relationship convincing you by the fact that sex is the essential factor of a relationship, then you should accept that your relationship is all about lust and the love factor is already missing. It’s not necessary that both the person have the sexual urge at the same time, in such cases the thinking that sex is vital in a relationship may surely ruin the depth of the relation. If its true love, then even in the absence of physical relationship you guys can easily prosper your relation with the elements of love.

Love is all that you require having a good relationship

Falling in love with a person at a mere glimpse and loving them dedicatedly is the story of many couples. To make the relationship strong and long, you need many more emotions and aspects to make your relationship grow. In many cases, it does happen that the love is on its height, but trust issues trouble the relationship. To keep positivity in any relationship one needs to be responsible towards their partner. Look after your partner when they aren’t well, a spare time when they need you. There are certain obligations you have towards your relationship, being a couple you are transparent in every aspect but at certain points, you need to provide your partner with their space, you have to give them some sort of privacy they need being a human. Being in a relationship you need to make some adjustments in context to the likes and dislikes of your partner, for e.g. if you are a techno freak but your girl finds such things boring then it’s better to keep all gadget talks aside when you guys sit with each other to spend some time, As you can just end up with your relationship for these small and stupid topics. Always remember when you are a couple, your priority is your partner, not other materialistic worldly concerns.

You have to be dedicated towards your partner, towards your relationships, when two different souls are united by love then definitely the reaction requires some sort of sacrifices as well. We just can stick to our notions and sing the song of love if you are a part of a relationship, you have to accept the changes in your life.

At times it may happen that your partner runs out of calmness, at this point you should be their guardian angel, fighting over things won’t let your relationship survive. Try knowing the reason for their anger, tackle them with patience, and help them out in reaching to a solution. Love is the mother of all feelings and is the basic element of a relationship, but to make the relationship survive it’s necessary for you to involve all the other aspects and qualities which lead to a successful love story.

A new relationship is never an alternative to a broken heart

People nowadays believe that to come out of the pain of heavy-hearted breakup the best solution is to indulge in a new relationship. This fact is absolutely surreal. Your heart needs time to repair itself. At this point, if you choose to be in a new relationship, you are being very unjust with your mind and soul and also with your new partner. You think a new relationship is a cure for yourself as the new partner will take the place of your last relationship, then maybe it’s the worst step you are going to take. Your heart requires time you finish up with the process of healing, even you are not ready to accept your new partner, but the reason you are forcing yourself into a relationship is just that you want to run from the memories of past. If you want a recovery, it’s better to indulge yourself in the things you love doing, keep yourself busy in something productive, don’t sit alone to summarize your past, there are many remedies to help you out from your breakup. Think about the things you lacked which became the reason for your breakup be smart enough to accept what you did wrong and make it a point not to repeat your mistakes. Coming into a new relationship isn’t bad, but correct yourself and give time to your inner self to be more confident to accept what had happened, take time and be sagacious.

There is a perfect match, the true soul mate for every person

If you still believe the fact that all the people are blessed with a true soul mate or true love, then it’s high time now that you need to come out of the world of illusion. A perfect relationship is a lot about perfect timing. You met a person, at a particular time of your life and maybe that time your stars were making you move towards your relationship arena. It also happens that we fall for a person blindly and then after some time we realize that the relationship can’t work for long and maybe after some time we may find someone else whom we fall in love with and continue our life with them. So it’s not mandatory that we have only one soul mate in our life, sometimes after indulging a relationship with 2-3 wrong people, we get the perfect match for us.

People with similar personalities tend to have the best relationship

In the crowd of crores if you are still searching for that particular person who suits your personality and has same interests as of yours, just because you feel that people with similar interests make the best couple, then you are wasting a lot of precious time. Similar personality has nothing to do with a good relationship. No two souls on this planet are completely similar; human behaviour tends to be different from one another in various aspects. And it isn’t true that people of the same mindset fall for each other easily. When the emotion of love sets in, it doesn’t see what the personality of the person is, does it match with our personality, when love happens, it just happens. Being in a relationship means you accept the person as a whole, though you know how contrasting your nature is. You adjust with each other knowing how different behaviour you two have. Love is all about two different souls uniting in one, to have their different live same.

If you are having regular fights, then the end of your relationship is already near

Fights are a part of all the relation, we fight with our mom dad, we fight with our siblings, we fight with our friends, so do we end up breaking our relation?? Similarly, being a couple, you also have the right to fight with your partner, and to believe the facts that fights are a hint that the relationship is moving towards its end is a really foolish thing. Fights spice up the relationship in a sweet way, asking sorry and doing small-small things to set the mood of your partner is a symbol of cuteness you have in your relationship.

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