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Omegle Alternative – Chat with Random Strangers, Filtered chat room for male and female. Thousands of beautiful strangers are online and waiting for you.

No Registration or SignUp required

CooMeet online video chat room is the best place to meet girls or strangers for live video chat. CooMeet robust high quality app provides best experience of live video chat with women. Choose your favorite CooMeet chatroom, find partner by click on ‘Next’ button and enjoy video chat with partner.

There are many other sites like Coomeet video chat, you can review theme here – 1. Shagle Chat, 2. Chatrandom, 3. Omegle video, 4. OmeTv, 5. Bazoocam, 6. Camsurf, Chatiw – Random chat with strangers anonymously, Chat Avenue, Chatzy: A Free Chat Platform with strangers

CooMeet free chat room – video chat with strangers

Coomeet Random Video Chat Features

  • This is next generation innovative video chat system at the push of a button
  • You don’t need to reveal your identity and no registration required to chat, flirt and have fun, without any commitments at all.
  • lightning instant connection without any wait.
  • Connect with only girls or boys who want to do video chat and have fun, in private chat rooms that provides a large number of good chat features.
  • All users are verified.
  • CooMeet is very simple to use, just turn on webcam and a random girl will appear right away. If you don’t like she, just hit ‘Next’ button.
  • The latest live video streaming technology to make this fast.
  • It supports many language like English, Deutsch, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Polish, Russian and Romanian. You can switch in your local language.
  • is Coomeet chat system safe? Coomeet utilizes peer to peer connection, meaning that your video & audio details will be sent directly to partner’s device. So, all video & audio data will be kept between you and your partner.


Both the sites have a few similarities as well as differences. You can check them out:

Registration Procedure

Coomeet provides the users with many options to register themselves. They can either opt for a free trial or become a premium member. There are different plans for the premium members as well, you can choose what suits you the best. If you opt for “free trial version”, you will not be able to access all the features provided by Coomeet. And you can also register yourself via Facebook or Google+ to save your time and effort.

Omegle does not require any registration. The site gives you two options to start the chat i.e. via text or cam. It’s you who need to decide. Once you choose the option, the site begins to work and you can chat with the strangers online. There is no need for registration at all.

Safety and Confidentiality

Coomeet provides its users with a secure chatting platform. The users need not worry about their safety and privacy issues. Coomeet provides the users with the option to report directly to the admin if any person online misbehaves with them or indulge in any detrimental activity. The website also ensures privacy as it does not share any personal information (if you provide) with Google or Facebook or any other social media platform.

As far as safety and privacy is concerned, Omegle has been little disappointing. As you enter the site you will see this message “Predator have been known to use Omegle, so be careful”. Although the site gives you a warning but with this we can say that Omegle is not completely safe to use. As such you will have to encounter many people who might send you unnecessary messages. However, the website does not ask for any personal information, so you will never get disclosed.

Ease of usability and functionality

Coomeet is a very simple video chat website when we talk about functionality. The users can connect with the other person with much comfort and ease. To start the video chat you just need to switch on your camera and select the person with whom you want to chat. The website gives you a feature to filter between males and females. It has the most advanced video-streaming technology so that you can enjoy your talk with high quality without any disruptions.

Omegle allows you to stay in touch with the connections you have made but you cannot filter whether you want to chat with a female or male. As you enter the website it takes you to the chatroom and you can chat with a random person without knowing who the person is. You even don’t have any option to chat with the same person later if you liked the conversation. It’s possible only if you provide your personal information but that might be risky.

User experience

Coomeet provides the users to navigate the website easily. There are many features that users can access and communicate effortlessly with the potential partner. It enables the users to share the pictures quickly and the users can also communicate better and express their feelings using various emojis provide by the website. As such the users will want to keep coming to the website again and again.

Omegle does not provide the users with many features. You can just have a conversation with a stranger online and there is also a possibility that after spending hours you might not find the one whom you are looking for. Omegle might sound interesting, but there are not many reasons that could keep the users actively engaged with the website.

Finally, you are the one to decide whether to have a deep and long conversation with someone or just a casual one!

How to make a friend through random video chat?

Coomeet is best place for random video chat to make new friends from all over the world without registration or sign up. It provides very simple interface to filter users as per your gender selection. If you are male then you will get all female partner profile. I reviewed many other random video chat application but very hard to find female partner for video chat. Coomeet made it simple to find preferred male/female partner in just few clicks. Its chat history feature help you to find the person whom you talked earlier.

Video chat with Women

CooMeet video chat application have separate chat rooms for male and female. There are thousands random video chat application exist. But you have to spend time to find female partner. On other hand at Coomeet, you can get long list on girls around the work on single selection. You just need to tell gender to enter either in female or male chat room. So if you willing to video chat with women only in private chat room. Then CooMeet is right choice.

Coomeet and Mini Chat comparison

CooMeet is one of the biggest video chat community where you can find new friends without much effort. You can meet strangers or girls in the Coomeet chat room and start live video chat right away without any delay and you can even leave messages if the person on the other side appears to be offline.

Minichat is a kind of a social community where people meet via cam to get acquainted and communicate. It allows you to connect with friends, exchange messages, and meet random people in its cam to cam chat. The cam gets automatically turned on as you log in to the site. This is a fun and unique way of making friends online.

Both the sites might have a few similarities as well as differences. You can check them out:


easy registrationCoomeet offers a “free trial” to its users so that they can try it out and know more about the website and if they like it, they can register themselves and become its premium user and enjoy all the features. However, the person who are using the “free trial” version cannot access all the features. CooMeet provides many options like Facebook, google+ and inbuilt registration to make it fast. It asks very basic information.

Minichat does not require any registration, the site begins to work as soon as you enter it and that’s something users might feel a little awkward about. However, you can sign in with Facebook if you want to create a profile but it is not necessary.

Security and Privacy

Coomeet Anonymous chatCoomeet provides its users with a safe chatting environment. The site gives various options to the user like if you are blocked for violations or there are any questions on verification, you can contact the experts and if any girl misbehaves with you, you can report her to the admin. The website also assures privacy as it does not share any personal information with Google or Facebook.

When it comes to safety features and content on the subject of user security, Minichat states that anyone who breaks the rule will be banned. And when privacy is concerned, the website do not ask for any personal information, as such you don’t have to worry about it.

Easy to use

CooMeet Easy chat interfaceCoomeet allows individuals to pick up their social lives in a sophisticated way to connect with potential partners with comfort and ease. You even don’t have to wait for the camera to start as Coomeet has the high-quality video technology that enables the site to load features quickly. To start the chat, you just need to allow flash and camera and the choice will be all yours to select the person for further conversation. The best feature which other chat application not provide is its filtered user in two category Female and Male. If you are male this application will show all female where you can pick any one by just click on “Next” button and start private chat with female/male.

With Minichat, meeting new people and staying in touch with friends becomes as easy as never before. You can randomly connect with many users in the video chat and make new friends. But its male and female filter option does not work. It will show you mixed user. It is not sure you will get or not opposite partner for video chat. On other site it is very easy to find partner for chat on CooMeet video chat system.

User experience

CooMeet video datingCoomeet is a very simple platform which makes it easy for the users to navigate. The website has added many features that enable the users to share pictures quickly and you can even express your feelings better with emojis provided by the website. The users will definitely keep coming to the site to find their special one which is a plus point for Coomeet.

Minichat is not the most sociable of social online places. You just have one option to connect to a stranger online and you might get stuck with 30-40 people before you find a decent conversation. For new users, Minichat might be fun but there is certainly no reason for the users to come back as you will have to start a random conversation all again.

Now, it’s your choice whether you are looking for a good and meaningful conversation or just a random one.

Why People Use Anonymous Chat?

While it may seem strange that you could benefit in a healthy way from participating in an online chat room where no one knows who you are and you don’t know who they are, there are many ways that you can.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to discuss things with your friends and family as you know they are not going to understand or they might judge you for no reason. You might not be willing at all to share these things. You might kit trust them with the things on a deeper level. It may be because you think they would not understand or you do not want to trouble them, or you do not feel close enough to tell these things.

In this case, you can surely benefit from the online chats where no one knows you. You can share your darkest secrets an anything that is troubling you without having to worry about how it will impact your relationships with your friends or family and you can comfortably chat with the people online.

Anonymous ChatThe best part of being anonymous is that no one knows you, which means you can always have a fresh start. No one will judge you, you can be who you are. They will only hear what you say and respond with their advice and motivations. The beauty of joining anonymous chat rooms is that you will have someone to talk to and someone who is invested in you and act as a listener and a therapist.

It is also helpful to get opinions and advice from people that are outside of your normal life. A person who doesn’t know you personally will more likely give you his/her honest opinion or suggestions. At times, it’s really important to know what the hard truth is and no one but strangers or anonymous people are the ones who can show us what our hard truth is. And it becomes really necessary to know it to move forward and know the reality if life.

Sharing anonymously also help you to protect your relationships with the people you know. If you share something very personal over this anonymous chat, you don’t have to worry about what your friends will think and how your relationship will be after they get to know about it. You can share it freely, get advice and suggestions, and decide how you can take further action and get away with it, and you are good to be with your friends and family.


October 30, 2019

This is really good chat platform. Best thing in Coomet is you can start chat with preferred partner very quickly. You can connect with male/female in few clicks.

October 29, 2019

Coomeet have much better feature and easy to use interface. But it is paid and costly. If you want to pay then It is really best chat platform.

October 29, 2019

My experience was good with Coomeet service. It have some best features that missing in other chat platform. I will suggest to use this.

October 16, 2019

I am very happy with the features, easy to find chatting partner and filtered chat room. Coomeet is very innovative with rich features. Iwill suggest to use this chat system.

September 2, 2019

The best thing in coommet is filtered group for male and female. I frequently use this chat platform beacuse of easy to find partner. I love to chat with strangers around the world. But earlier have to spent time to find female partner and now it become easy on CooMeet.

August 27, 2019

Coomeet is wonderful gender filter platform where I can find partner in few clicks.

August 27, 2019

It is awesome chat application. Thank you Coomeet!!

August 21, 2019

Nice chat application with advanced features!!

Rubey Moorie
August 6, 2019

Great dating site!! You have given much information about online dating.

August 1, 2019

Thank you to provides deep information about CooMeet. This is surely best video dating site!!

July 30, 2019

CooMeet is amazing random chat application where I got female partner in just 3 clicks. You should first try it free and choose male or female partner.

Adem Roy
July 29, 2019

Thank you for develop such a great random chat platform. For me CooMeet is best to chat with live webcam girls!!

Ali Ansari
July 27, 2019

CooMeet is really awesome video chat application. I have many friends around the world by using coomeet chat. Thanks!!

Jenny Mark
July 26, 2019

Awesome video quality!! Awesome loading speed and chat features are very nice. I think this is best stranger chat application.

Alma kori
July 21, 2019

Wow!! CooMeet chat system is really best with compare to other. In some parameter like video quality, speed and very easy to find partner for chat.

Michelle john
July 13, 2019

Amazing chat system! Anybody can do video chat with girls in simple 2-3 clicks. This chat application have two group male and female. For me CooMeet is super video chat plateform.

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