Dating tips for shy guys

Are you shy by nature? Do you often get nervous while talking to women? Do you face problems in communicating with women? You got a crush on a girl but you are just unable to approach her? You keep thinking about a girl and your thoughts turn into dreams but you just can’t even say “Hi”?
Dating tips for shy guys

Listen up shy guys, being shy does not hold you back in dating or meeting someone you find attractive. You might have had a series of experiences where you kept your feelings hidden but later realized it was too late or you met someone so suddenly that you just didn’t know what to speak or faced a string of rejections. Don’t let these instances deter your dating life, it happens to everyone. And being shy is not your identity, it is just a part of you. At times, being shy can be an asset. Yes, true!

Here are a few tips that would be useful for all the shy guys in dating:

  • Improve your body language: Focus on having strong and confident body language, feel confident about yourself. It’s all about being confident. Believe in yourself and walk the talk! Make sure to smile, just don’t pressurize yourself, give a natural smile, and just be yourself and talk with the ladies as you talk with other people.
  • Communication, Communication, and Communication: Talk to the woman you like about everything, your job, hobbies, feelings and so on. Don’t be shy at all, you don’t have to be. Come out of that zone, and feel comfortable and share everything that you would want to. You also must know that women love humour so keep a good sense of humour! Make her laugh. Smile and flirt with her a little, not much though.
  • Stay friends with girls: Start building relationships/friendships with the women even if you are not attracted to. Start hanging out with them, go out to parties, movies, just not to hook up with a woman but to know them better. You got it right?
  • Focus on yourself and building confidence: You know what is the actual reason that you are shy to talk to girls, it’s because you lack social skills. Talking to girls and expressing your interest is completely two different things. If you can’t talk to a girl, how can you show your interest that you are attracted to her? So, first thing is to have enough confidence to talk to a girl simply. The next stage would be expressing your interest or you could just give her a hint by flirting a little. Learn the art of expressing guys!
  • Be around people who are outspoken and extrovert: Being around people who are extrovert will subconsciously help you. When you are with these kinds of people, you do not have to do all the work while approaching a girl you like as they can guide you well and help you out. So just chill and relax!
  • Take a genuine interest in the woman you are attracted to: You know, it’s not so tough talking to a woman. All you have to do is ask a few genuine questions and listen to her response and listen carefully so as to make conversation. Keep the conversation simple, and keep it slow! It will work out for sure guys 😛
  • Reorient your brain: You might have had bad dating experiences in the past but that does not mean it would be difficult for you to date now, you need to let it go. It was your past. Change your belief and enjoy your present! Be optimistic and as you think positively, you are more likely to draw positive experiences into your life. So, just go and look out for the opportunities, do not miss out on any!
  • Embrace your shyness: Shyness is just a part of you so you don’t have to actually distance it from yourself as long as it is not affecting your life and relationships. You know being humble can be really sexy and hot. You might be really incredible as you are one of those people who does not feel the need to be the center of attraction or the loudest people on earth, it’s just you have not realized it. It’s time to know more about yourself and engage with the people you like. Know that you are awesome!

Most guys deal with shyness on one or the other level. There is nothing wrong with it, but just don’t let your shyness hinder your life.

You are simply great for who you are, you just need to be comfortable and confident about yourself. Don’t change yourself, just be genuine, be confident, be yourself, you will do great!

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