Did you and your ex have a conversation after 1 year of breakup?

Did you and your ex have a conversation after 1 year of breakup?

It’s not easy to talk to your ex and make a conversation after 1 year. You might not have any feelings but then it gets a little weird, if it was not a mutual break-up.

Most breakups are unexpected and change your life overnight and it could be traumatic for some. It might turn your things upside down. And if you wish to talk to your ex after that, he/she might not be interested at all.

Talking about my break up, it seemed to be a mutual break up for me, but it wasn’t. It was really difficult for me to breakup but I had to. And I wanted to talk to him after a while and I tried but all I got was disappointment. I wanted to talk as a friend but I failed. And then I tried making a conversation after a year. And luck by chance, I got a reply ad I was really happy. And I don’t know why I was making so many efforts to talk him. May be there was some feelings still left? I don’t know.

But yes, his reply made me really happy and we did talk for a while. And then we were in good terms and did not talk about breakup at all. We started talking again, not daily but once in a while. I used to feel good talking to him as I used to when I was with him.

And slowly I realized that I still had feelings for him and I should not repeat this again and hurt him. So, it was pretty difficult to start a conversation and end. But I still talk to him occasionally and we are good.

My advice: Never ever think about getting back to friendship with your ex, it never happens. And if you want to make a conversation, keep it normal and do not make it long.

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