Difference between Relationship and Dating

Difference between Relationship and Dating

There is a major difference in dating and being in a relationship. You might never have thought about it, right? You might use these two words interchangeably. And it’s actually a confusing zone between casually dating someone and being in a relationship. As such there are some subtle signs that make these two aspects different from each other.

Here you go:


While relationships are based on mutual agreement and trust, dating is not the same. For some, casual dating is not mutual. Some people like to exclusively date each other while others might not prefer being committed to only one person.


Commitment is the key in a relationship, people commit to stay together and plan for their future (serious relationship). However, there is no sort of commitment when we talk about dating.


When you are dating someone, you are not necessarily so serious about them. As such, he/she is not your priority at all. While in a relationship, your dynamic with the other people might change drastically as he/she will surely top your priority list. They take the prime importance in your life.

Emotional Connection

When two people are in a serious relationship, they develop a strong emotional connection with each other. You make that extra effort to see a smile on their face in a relationship. On the other hand, when you are dating someone, there is no emotional connection involved and you take it very lightly. You do not put much energy while dating someone.

Meeting each other

When you are in a relationship, you may see each other often or daily. In some cases, most of the time they are together. And if they don’t see each other on any day, they get an urge to meet them. While dating someone, you may not see each other so often. And true, when you are not serious about someone, why see them all the time?


When there is no commitment there are no expectations at all. So while dating there is no “commitment” and no “expectations”. However, in relationships partners expect a lot from each other as they spend more time with one another and bond grows so does the expectations.

A relationship is basically a connection between two individuals and is developed as they communicate constantly. On the other hand, dating is an emerging relationship between two individuals. People date basically to know each other and whether they would be a perfect partner for each other. As such we can say that dating might result in a romantic relationship in the future.

Dating someone or being in a relationship, both are an exciting experience and yes, sometimes, the dating might turn into a committed relationship.

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