Does Age really matter in a Relationship?

Does Age really matter in a Relationship

Couples with large age-gap often raise eyebrows. People with a large age gap are seen with societal disapproval. However, these days, it really doesn’t matter whether the guy is 10 years older than the girl or vice versa. It’s all about understanding and compatibility.

So does age matter? Do a couple with large gap experience poorer or better relationship than compared to other couples of similar age groups?

According to research, a relationship’s success rate is reported higher by couples with a larger age-gap difference. These couples have greater trust and commitment towards each other. And moreover, older men partnered with younger women report more satisfying relationships.

How Social Factors Affect Age-Gap Relationships

One of the factors that impact the age-gap relationship is their perception of social disapproval. If the couples who are in age-gap relationships take their friends, family, society seriously who disapprove of their union, this would increase the chances of their breakup or divorce.

So, it’s not the couples who have problems with each other but the pressure and disapproval from society can have a negative impact on their relationship.

The society holds a negative stigma regarding age differences, which cause people to obsess over it. And this is one of the reasons when we fall for people who are outside our age bracket; we start feeling that we are doing something wrong. But nothing is wrong when you know he/she is the one for you. Age becomes just a number!

Maybe she is 32, he is 26, but they might have an undeniable chemistry that makes them one of the best couples. They might share a great bond and understanding with each other. So, age has nothing to do with the success or happiness of a relationship.

Celebrity Couples with Age Difference

We have seen many Bollywood and Hollywood couples who have tied knots recently and leading a healthy relationship. To name a few: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Blake Lovely and Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney and Amal Clooney, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, and many more.

However, there may be differences between these couples as well as there are with other couples but this doesn’t mean it is all because of the age difference.

If a couple shares a similar sense of humor, communicates openly with each other, feel happy and content in the relationship, then the age-gap really doesn’t matter. And talking about arguments, every relationship has arguments, so we can’t just blame age-gap relationships.

A healthy relationship is built on a solid foundation of unconditional love, trust, honesty, and respect. Age is not the factor that determines whether the bond and connection between a couple remains. Regardless of age, a man can still be at the same level of maturity as an older woman and want the same outcome as his loved one.

Successful relationships can happen regardless of age differences. If a younger man falls in love with an older woman, he should definitely give it a chance without thinking about the society. He should follow what he thinks would be the best for him and his loved one.

Age gap relationships do work and can be rewarding!

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