Five Stages of Intimacy in Relationship

Five Stages of Intimacy in Relationship

The stage of intimacy is a process that defines the phases we go through in a relationship as we develop our levels of intimacy with our partners. The stage might start with complete silence and grow into the most intimate actions between the partners. Basically, all relationships go through these intimacy phases or stages. These stages signify certain turning points in the relationship that further tells you the level of intimacy between the couples.

While all relationships are unique, it’s reasonable to assume that almost all couples go through these stages of intimacy.

So, here are the stages of intimacy and we think you will be able to relate to the stages:

Honeymoon Stage or Falling for Love

This stage is the infatuation stage which you feel is the best part of the relationship. Every single moment seems to be more exciting and you feel on top of the world when you are with each other. The honeymoon phase may get you started with the relationship but it certainly won’t keep a relationship going. To take the relationship and the level of intimacy to the other stage, you need a secure functioning relationship here you find your partner compatible with you. While there is no denying fact that honeymoon phase is essential to develop intimacy between the couple, it’s not necessary infatuation will lead to love, for some couple, infatuation might be only an attraction. So, before taking any step or moving onto the next stage, scan your relationship carefully.


Once the butterflies in your stomach fly away and you start feeling a connection and also you know it’s not an infatuation, you fall into a more comfortable kind of love. You feel this is what you always wanted in a relationship. And there are no more violins playing in the background, you come into reality. You and your partners are aware of each other’s flaws and it doesn’t really matter to you. At this stage, you might have some rough patches and feel distant from each other at times. You might develop some insecurities and you can’t stop yourself from spying your partner. But this is the stage where you come to know more about your partner and realize you are actually in love with your partner.

Daily Routine

At this stage, your life is entwined with your partner’s, which means you both might feel really comfortable with each other. But, there might be times when you fight over little things and might lose that spark. As such, during this stage, you will have to make a little effort to bring spark in your life and get more involved with each other and spend more time with one another. Once you get into daily routine, you tend to forget about your partner, but don’t do this. Make sure you carve out some time to spend together and reignite the passion again in your life and build physical and emotional intimacy.

Appreciation and Acceptance

This is the stage where you know everything about your partner and you have accepted it. Everyone has their flaws, so you and your partner, But, your partner even have a lot of amazing traits and those can outweigh their flaws. And you know that you both make a great team and this is what matters the most in the relationship.

When the couples start developing the habit of appreciating each other for every little thing they do, try have reached a new level of intimacy. Appreciation is key to any relationship. When we appreciate each other as we tend to connect with each other more and the love grows more and more and day by day. At this stage of intimacy, we want to share more with our partner and let them see how much we appreciate them and we have accepted the way we are and we love it. This stage just feels great and new bond and connection evolve between the partner.

Real and True Love

This is the most stable stage in the intimacy level. You become more intimate with each other, both physically and emotionally. And the most important thing-you are more than just lovers now as your partner has become your best friend with whom you can share each and everything. You don’t have to think twice before sharing anything with him/her. You find happiness in small things and their presence means a lot to you even if you are just sitting and watching a movie. You just want to be with each other. This is the intimacy that every couple needs after a certain period of time. And if you think you are not this intimate enough, you need to make an extra effort or communicate with your partner about it.

Despite which stage of intimacy you are at, it is bound to change your relationship status with your partner as your relationship progresses. So, which stage of intimacy you think you are at with your partner? Do you think there are some other stages as well before getting into true love? If you think so, please leave your comments below J

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