General relationship issues and ways to solve them

General relationship issues and ways to solve them

Each relationship passes through its own ups and downs, but continuing with that person is what a good relationship all about. Relationship means uniting of two souls who are different in one way or the other; still, you try to have an understanding and works on the things which can make your relationship healthy is the sweet aspect of a relationship. Care, concern and immense love in a relationship are often accompanied by some kind of issues, to understand the problem mutually and to remove it is an obligation of a perfect couple. Let’s put a glance at some of the common issues people face being in a relationship and their solutions:

Lack of communication and time issues

Time is a big thing, and for a healthy relationship, it is vital for you to manage your time in a proper way. In the current scenario what troubles the relationship, the topmost is the time issues. In the huss buss of work and other things we often neglect the fact that we aren’t providing adequate time for our relationship. Lack of communication often leads to separation; a good relationship is about how deeply are you aware of the current situation of your partner, missing communication break the links between the partners. As we know the present world is more about texting, and the craziness of texting is at its peak, but it has also been one of the major reasons for misunderstanding. Texting isn’t wrong, but it is also essential to be in touch with your partner via meetings and telephonic conversations as on messages one can’t understand the tone of your emotions, and also in some cases because of the network issues the late delivery of your response towards your partner’s text may also create problems.

Being in a relationship one should always understand the level of priorities they have to give to other things, and also how to place the relationship on the top no matter what the situation is. If you think that your indulgence with other things is troubling your relationship, then you should stop doing that particular thing. Try connecting with your partner; not everyone is good at reading minds; it’s better you state clearly to your partner what points you think are missing from your relationship. If you dislike any of your partners’ behaviour then make them know about it, your silence won’t cure the problem. Have a mutual understanding in some instances, e.g. if your partner is freaky for some sports, then let him provide proper time to it. Giving time to other things isn’t bad, but one should always remember that saving time no matter how busy you are is very necessary to make your relationship last long.

Financial management should be discussed properly

Money is an important thing, but it should be handled in a way that it doesn’t create any kind of problem in the relationship. As it is said money is not the most important thing, but it is one of the essential things. It is the all-time common myth about the relationship that the guy has to pay all the bills and make all the payments of the expenditures made by his girl. Well, not all guys have an extraordinary account balance, and at some point, the guy may feel that his partner is with him just cause of the sake of making him pay her bills. This condition will ruin your relationship within no time. If you both are earning, then you guys should be clear about your salaries to your partner. You should state each other honestly about your total income. In many cases, the partners maintain a policy “You keep your money, and I’ll keep my money” well this “MY” aspect doesn’t work in a relationship.

Always have a share in the bills mutually. Be clear; no one should be burdened by the payments. When you go out for dinner or shopping, prefer splitting bills or make a rule, “chance by chance payment” of bills. Support each other financially, don’t overburden your partner with never-ending wishes. Be what you are; don’t overdo expenses just to sound financially strong in front of your partner. If you are a person, who is wise regarding the expenditure or doesn’t favour unnecessary expenditure then make your partner understand this fact.

Sexual aspects

Every person has their own sexual needs and aspects from a relationship. The sexual relationship between couples should always be a healthy one and not a forceful one. For a good sexual relationship, it’s very mandatory to have mutual understanding and comfort amongst the partners. Sometimes in a relationship, it does happen that one person keeps on sacrificing their needs in order to satisfy their partner, but at a certain point, the other person feels frustrated because of the neglecting behavior of their desires which often leads to a relationship failure. As every person has a distinct way of seeking pleasures from their partners, it is not necessary that both people have the same ambitions in a sexual relationship. In such cases, it is very necessary for both of you to understand the needs of each other and support each other to attain their wishes.

Never force your partner to indulge in a sexual relationship until and unless they are comfortable in making out. Always try to understand the mood of your partner and do things accordingly. It’s not mandatory to indulge in sex just for the sake of the happiness of your partner, but sometimes you need to adjust to their needs also. Be very sure that both of you are comfortable because being uneasy makes the person loses interest which may further result in break up.


Trust is the root of every relationship and if you wish to cherish your relationship then to maintain trust is the most important thing. One should always be transparent in their relationship. It’s mandatory, to be honest about your views and your past. In some relationships, it does happen that when anyone out of the two tries to hide his/her history, the other one gets to know about it from the third party which may create trust issues in the relation. Restricting your partner to hang out with others just because you have inferiority of losing them, then it’s a symbol that your relationship lacks trust.

Both the people in the relationship should provide enough space and freedom to their partners so that their partners can discuss and share everything, and don’t fear about the response they will get from you. Keeping up with your promises and being calm and a good listener will always take the trust level of your relationship to new heights.

Some frequently arising conflicts

Being in a relationship many times we do things which are not liked by our partner. E.g. in general cases, the guy likes to hang out till late night with friends in spite of knowing the fact that his girl must be waiting for them at their place and such mistakes often lead to fights. In this case, the guy needs to understand that being in a relationship you have to provide time to your partner and if fights are getting repeated on the same issue then it’s better not to do those things.

When the argument gets heated up, it’s better that one acts maturely and stops the discussion. Stretching over the issues just to win the argument can make you lose the relationship. An argument is a basic part of a relation, but both the partners should be witty enough to make these fights end on a healthy note.

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