How do I know if a girl is interested in me?

How do I know if a girl is interested in me?

It’s pretty difficult to know what girls actually think. They might be hanging out with you just as friends or they might like you in some other way. Girls do not give hints so easily. If you are falling for a girl but you are unsure whether she likes you or not, here is a list that would surely help you out.

She doesn’t stop smiling when with you

If a girl seems to be really happy and keeps smiling when with you, it’s a sure sign that a girl is interested in you. So, notice her smile and look up to her to know if she is totally into you.

She is really comfortable with you

If a girl has open body language whenever she meets you and is really comfortable around you, this means she likes you. Comfort is really important for girls when it comes to choosing a partner for girls. However, is she is the shy-type, this will be a bad indicator as she will not show any sign of open body language. So, first know her personality-type.

She pays attention to you

If she likes you, she will relish the moment you both spend together. She will surely give you undivided attention. And if you are in a group, and she make continuous eye-contact with you and tries to talk to you more, it’s an indicator that she is interested in you.

She keeps giving you hints about hanging out alone

She might have said 3-4 times that she is fee on Sunday and would like to hang out at some place. So, notice that! And whenever you text her meet, she immediately agrees to meet you no matter whatever the time is.

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