How do you Date People During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

How do you Date People During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

People who are looking to date or love in the age of Coronavirus pandemic are facing a whole new set of challenges. And the best part is, they are not outing their relationships on hold, rather are coming up with creative workarounds.

Dating and love have been dramatically altered by the pandemic as people are strictly following social distancing.

Even singles are trying to avoid dating apps as they do not want to engage in conversation with the strangers and hesitate in meeting up in public places.

Here are some creative alternatives that you can always opt for dating during the Coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Virtual Games

One of the best options to date and keep your love alive of you are staying in different cities/countries is to play games virtually. If you are enthusiastic of playing bard games or any other games, download the mobile version of the same and start getting engaged. This will create a strong bond and you both will never get bored as it is something you both love. And if you want to retain the feeling of playing the game in real, you can always play it on a video call.

  1. Virtual Movie Nights

It’s obvious that you might be missing those movie nights with your bae. And it’s just not possible to watch a movie together in this pandemic. So, why don’t you plan a virtual movie night and surprise your partner? There are many options through which you and your partner can enjoy movie and get a real-time experience. Netflix has started Netflix Party, and you just need to have a Netflix account and you can watch any movie or series together. There is a software called team viewer, Any Desk, etc., through which you can share screen and enjoy watching your favorite movie or show. And also there is a call feature option in the team viewer software, so you can talk and watch! Isn’t this interesting!

  1. Virtual Workouts and Exercises

If you and your date are fitness freak and love working out, but can’t head to the gym, so why not try some virtual apps for working out. You both can see each other and workout. This would be really fun.

You both can keep a track of each other and also give challenges. This might sound a little task but anytime better than working out alone. So, why not give it a try!

  1. Create Emotional Bonding and Connection

You are following social distancing, not emotional distancing. So, why not use this pandemic and lockdown to create some emotional connection with your loved one instead of cribbing about the lockdown. You just need to communicate regularly and understand their needs and desires, and feelings. This will lead you both to create a stronger bond and build an emotional connection.

You can also make a list of things that you want to do together once you are able to meet physically. This will also help you to know each other better.

So, you have any more ideas? We would love to read!

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