How do you know if women are checking you out?

How do you know if women are checking you out?

You might wonder how a woman checks a man out. They do it in a subtle and discreet way. And they have their own way to do it and you wouldn’t even know. So, here are some hints that would tell you that a woman is checking you out:

1. Successive and quick glances: Women keep glancing at you in succession while making it appear that they are ignoring you until they get a complete mental picture of you. This is something that almost all women have in common while checking out a guy.

2. Smile and look away: If you accidentally make an eye contact with a girl, she will quickly move away with a straight expression. And if she smiles after the eye contact is a sign that she wouldn’t mind even if you approach her.

3. She notices changes in you: If she is your colleague or acquaintance and you just engage in small talks but at times she compliments you and notices small changes like, a hair-cut or a new shirt, and compliments you. It’s a sign that she is checking you out.

4. She hangs around in close proximity: If you notice a girl who keep running into you during the day in office and take coffee breaks the same time as yours, she may be interested in you and checking you out.

So, guys, if you have come across any of these signs, know that she is interested in you and you can show her the green flag!

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