How Financial Infidelity can ruin your Relationship?

How Financial Infidelity can ruin your Relationship?

What is Infidelity?

Getting indulged in a romantic affair with someone else than our partner or sleeping with someone who is not your partner without your partner’s consent. This is what we call as infidelity, right?

But do you know there exists a different type of infidelity, known as “Financial Infidelity”?

What is Financial Infidelity?

Financial Infidelity means having a secret stash of money or debts or credit cards and debit cards or holding a secret bank account or investing or gambling and making money investing that your partner is not aware of. This behavior is known as Financial Infidelity.

You might be thinking there are many men and women who keep these secret account or generally, women they keep secret cash and call these cash as “savings”. But you never know this kind of behavior might be dangerous for a healthy relationship.

Have you ever found a receipt (a big amount) for a purchase you didn’t know about or mail from a bank that you thought neither of you had an account. These could be indicators of financial infidelity. Not every couple shares a bank account, true, but every couple should be on the same page about finances. The couples should be aware of each other’s finances and bank accounts. This way there will transparency in the relationship and no one will have any doubts.

What are the causes of Financial Infidelity?

There can be many reasons to why one indulge in financial infidelity. One of the partners might have spending addiction or they like to keep their finance separately. However, in these cases, communication is the key!

  1. Addiction to spend

Financial Infidelity can be caused by a spending addiction. The partner might hide all the credit card bills, and other bills when he/ she can’t stop shopping and spending money.

  1. Financial Separation

Here, we don’t mean that partners cannot have separate accounts. They can have and they can manage their own incomes and expenses but what we want to highlight is that both the partners should be aware of each other’s banking and financial activities. There should not be any need due to which you will have to hide about money. You might be thinking financial infidelity has nothing to do with ruining a relationship, but, trust me, you will have to face consequences in the future.

  1. Lack of Planning

Some couples do not plan their finances well and when they have to pay for bigger expenses, they are out of cash. In this situation, both the partners might get tensed and start arranging for the payments. And any of the partners. In the state of desperation, might get indulged in some secret choices that the other might not expect.

  1. Lack of Communication

Financial infidelity occurs in relationship because couples do not talk about money with each other. They hardly communicate about finances. They don’t have an open dialogue about spending and managing their finances.

Why Financial Infidelity is a big deal?

While many people think that not communicating about finances and their personal accounts or purchasing habits seldom affect them. But it can create problems in the future, if not now. Sometimes, even the smallest secret can feel like big betrayal in the relationships. And if your partner has been hiding their debit or credit cards and money, and you get to know it, wouldn’t you feel your partner must be hiding other things as well?

The gravity of a lie about finances could point to other types of infidelity like sexual or romantic.

Even if we don’t want to think that way, these things crop up eventually. It’s a typical human nature.

Financial Infidelity could mean more lies!

Every couple might have their own definition of Financial Infidelity. Most cases involved hiding compulsive shopping or gambling. And when this cheating is exposed, it evokes the feeling of betrayal and loss of trust and faith on the partner that can end the relationship.

Not all relationship survive secrets, which is why infidelity, no matter what kind, is a relationship destroyer.

When Financial Infidelity comes into the picture, it gets difficult for the partners to trust each other. In a relationship, couples count on each other, and that’s not possible when one partner is lying or hiding some important things from the other.

When you hide financial matters from your partner, it might also mean that you don’t trust your partner at some level. Sooner or later, the deception is bound to come out, and when it does, your partner won’t trust you, either.

How to deal with Financial Infidelity?

Whether you are the one who has been hiding about the finances or you suspect your partner, everything needs to come out in the open in the first place. These secrets might ruin your relationship.

Honesty is the first step in repairing the damage.

And the most important thing, do not accuse your partner if you are suspicious of financial infidelity. The first thing that you need to do is to figure out what exactly the problem is? Why is it happening? And sit together and find out the solutions.

Financial Infidelity is not the end of the marriage but yes, it is definitely a sign that you need to work more on your relationship.

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