How Men should behave with Women on a Date

How Men should behave with Women on a Date

Dating is a tricky affair. Where should you meet? What would be an apt way to greet? What should you wear? Who should pay? What you should say and what not? How should you behave? There are so many questions running in your mind when you are going to meet your date. Isn’t it?

Here are some tips that would help all the men on how should they behave or what should they do while they are on a date.

  1. Turn off your Phone

There is nothing more annoying than the ringing of the phone when you are strong to have a conversation with your date. You can just switch off your phone until and unless you expect some urgent calls. And if she gets to know that you have switched off your phone for the date, she will be highly impressed and appreciate you. So, spend some quality time with your date with no phone calls or messages.

  1. Don’t be late

Do not be late, in fact, show up 5-10 minutes earlier or just be on time. If you get early you would score a better table and when she arrives, she would see you relaxed and calm. And she would be really impressed with your punctuality.

  1. Don’t be Cheap

It’s not necessary to go to a 5-star hotel for a date. You should pick a spot that’s affordable for you which is decent enough. Just keep in mind that the place should be interesting, do not choose some boring and dull café or restaurant. You can just go for coffee and snacks, but then it should not be shady. And when you order for an appetizer or any drink, do ask her.

  1. Be Confident

One of the best ways to make a good impression and leave a great mark is to shoe confidence. Confidence is the key! The way your eyes meet hers, the way you shake hands, and the way you talk to her shows your level of confidence. So, don’t be nervous, be confident and behave like a gentleman. Everything will fall in its place.

  1. Remember Your Manners

Women appreciate those old-school good manners. Behave like a gentleman, it’s your first date so try to get her to know as much as you can. But be subtle and sober. Show how much you respect everyone, but in a subtle way. So, learn the art of subtlety!

  1. Compliment her

Women love compliments. You can complement on her smile and the way she has been carrying herself. These two things are the safest and best compliments that a woman loves. And be sophisticated while complimenting her.

  1. Keep the Conversation Light-Hearted

If this is your first date, do not go into deep conversation. Just have some light and fun conversation. Keep away from any religion, politics, and any controversial topics. So, make her laugh as women love men with good sense of humor.

So, you might have been aware now about how you should behave with women on your date. Go ahead and have some fun!

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