How to deal with Issues in Married life?

How to deal with Issues in Married life?

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but some couples have managed to lead a successful and happy married life with some tips and techniques. Many couples overcome these fights by reading articles, attending seminars, opting for counselling or using some trial and error methods to save their relationship.

Here are some of the most common marital problems faced by couples. If you recognize these problems ahead of time, you can get past these problems soon.


Infidelity is one of the most common marriage problems in relationships. Infidelity does not just include physical infidelity but emotional as well. Now, the question arises why people indulge into infidelity? There can be numerous reasons to it.

  • The partner is not happy with his/her sexual life
  • The difference in the sexual preference between the partners
  • Lack of understanding
  • Lack of passion and intimacy
  • Lack of communication
  • Commitment issues

Relationships can be rebuilt after an affair but it takes lots of effort and willingness from the partner to give the relationship a second chance. It can be difficult to revive the same chemistry and intimacy after an affair as there might be trust issues and problems might arise every now and then. So, it would be better to sort out the things before you both decide to move on after an affair.

And, if required, you can even take counselling to get proper advice.


When you are in a relationship with one person for a long period of time, you might feel monotonous and sometimes bored. The original excitement and newness eventually fades out. But, the key to a successful relationship is to find out the ways to add some fun and excitement in your day-to-day life. You and your partner both need to find out some ways to keep that romance alive in the relationship so that you both don’t get bored. In fact, a relationship should be such that your love grows day by day and you become more comfortable and contented with each other.

Not Listening to one another

One of the biggest problems in a relationship is when one or both the partners do not listen to each other or they have communication issues.

I have seen many couples who respond without even understanding what their partner is trying to say, they start assuming things and reply. This is not how communication works between the couples. The couples need to be clear on what they are trying to say and respond accordingly. And when your partner is discussing something important, listen to them actively and understand them. Do not ever respond by listening to half of the things.

Fighting about Chores

We all know doing chores and errands is essential to run the household smoothly but it causes some irritation if there is no one to help you out. And most of the couples fight because these household chores are never appreciated. If one of the partners is taking care of these chores, the other partner should make sure that they appreciate how well the chores are being handled. And it’s also necessary to divide the chores between the partners if both of them are working.

Thanking your partner periodically for taking out the garbage or doing some other errands would make your relationship go a long way. It’s just these small things that we fight about with our partner and taking care of these things would make you and your partner happy. So, why not, start appreciating them!


Another common problem is communication. With technologies like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets, there is significant disruption in communication between the partners. When talking with another person, each of us gets undivided attention. Isn’t it? Talking to someone who is distracted by any way can be frustrating and lead to miscommunication.

There are couples who have different communication styles. Suppose, in a relationship, one partner likes to talk much and the other might want to talk less. In this case, both the partners need to understand the styles of each other and communicate accordingly.

These problems can be overcome if the couple is willing to make some effort and changes. It might take some time but your relationship would last long for sure of you tackle it calmly and communicate with your partner efficiently.

Dealing with Marriage Issues

There are plenty of issues that might arise in any married life but the couples should try to work on these issues and strengthen the relationship. Working through marriage problems in a healthy way can be beneficial for both the partners to have a smooth and happy married life.

Here are some of the ways in which you can deal with these marriage issues:

  1. Increase the positive energies when you are with your partner

If there is some problem in your marriage, try to release more positive energy to your partner. Smile with them, hug them often, and just give a random kiss. And try to spend more time together and share your work and daily routine as well. And do not just respond in one or two words, try to be more explicit. This would let your partner know that you are interested in the conversation and you are listening. Trust me; listening actively solves half of the problem.

  1. Acknowledge each other

While listening to your partner is important but just listening and doing nothing about it wouldn’t do any good. Hear them out, appreciate them, make an effort to understand them and acknowledge what your partner is trying to convey. If your partner has any issue with a certain action or behaviour of yours, hear them out and take it positively and try to sort it out together.

  1. Make decisions cooperatively

When you and your partner have differences, try to express concerns calmly and understand them and make decisions together. To tackle the problems, you need to create a solution that’s responsive to both of your concerns.

  1. Be respectful

Mutual respect is one of the elements that’s really important in a relationship. There are no material items that would make up for the lack of respect. Lack of respect would mean there is no love or care in the relationship. And respect should not be one-sided, respect should be mutual.

  1. Work on yourself

If you can work as a team to handle the issues in marriage, nothing could be great than that. But if your partner won’t get on board, do it yourself, start working towards your marriage on your own. Seeing you making an effort towards your relationship, your partner might join you. So, treat your partner the way you want to get treated yourself. So, try to work on that and everything will fall into its place.

  1. Be mature

When issues arise in a marriage, you have to handle it maturely. You never know when these small fights would turn into a big one, so try to avoid these problems. But only avoiding won’t help, if the same problem crops again and again, you have to deal with it. You will have to talk to your partner and come out with a solution.

Trying out these tips would build a strong connection and trust with your partner. If you practice these ways, you will surely have a more emotionally fulfilling relationship.

Signs your Marriage is Having Issues

Marital problems are something that every couple faces. These problems might become serious ones and these do not happen overnight, they creep up gradually in the relationship.

We, generally, overlook the signs but it’s important o consider these signs so that we can handle or avoid any marriage problem to crop up in the relationship.

Here are a few signs:

  1. You are thinking of an affair

There can be many reasons that you might want an affair. You might want to try out something new or some excitement from a new relationship. You may be longing for attention and acknowledgment. You may be wanting to connect with someone who is similar to you. There can be many possibilities.

However, regardless of these reasons, if you are looking for someone else outside your marriage, it’s a big red flag for your marriage. Affairs create problems in the marriage so why look for someone else, sort it out with your partner. Communicate!

  1. Growing Fights

When your arguments grow in intensity over time, it’s a warning! Sometimes, these fights and arguments might give way to verbal or physical abuse. If you notice the fights are escalating, there can be other reasons that you and your partner are not able to see. So, take care when fights become increasingly hostile. It should be taken very seriously.

  1. Your connections vanishes

When you notice that you and your partner are happier when you are apart than together, it’s a big sign that your marriage is in trouble. You will start noticing small changes in your relationship like initially, you both would use to hang out together and make plans for weekends but now you have just lost that connection. You both make your own plans without involving each other. You both do not seem to have that bonding or connection that you used to have in the early days of your relationship.

  1. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is an important aspect of a successful marriage. If you and your partner feel like more roommates than a couple sharing intimacies and intricacies of marriage, you have lost the key in building a successful marriage. It’s a red flag that your marriage is not working.

Intimacy does not only mean physical intimacy but the emotional intimacy and passion and love you have for each other.

  1. Limited Communication

When you start communication with your partner with single-syllable words or minimum words (on a daily basis), your marriage is having some issues.

Communication is the key to any relationship and if you do not communicate with each other, the problems in your relationship will never get resolved.

  1. No Physical Intimacy/Physical Connection

It’s pretty normal in a relationship in which one couple has a low sex drive and other to have a higher sex drive. This isn’t a problem in a relationship. But the actual problem arises when both their partners start ignoring each other’s sexual preferences. This can result in an emotional disconnection, frustration and might become a serious problem. As physical intimacy is also an important element in a marriage, we can’t just let it go. The couple should try to make it work by understanding each other’s’ needs.

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