how to know your Married Coworker is Flirting with You

Married men and women flirt for different reasons. They might be attracted to you, they might have a crush on you or an infatuation, or might be just doing it for fun. Whatever the reason may be, you should proceed further with caution and think twice before flirting back.
how to know your Married Coworker is Flirting with You

Think what will happen if the relationship starts to feel flirtatious not in a harmless or joking way but in a serious way?

Maintaining boundaries between your boss/co-worker and you in the office as well as outside the office becomes difficult if you feel they are flirting with you.

To know you if your married boss/co-worker is flirting with you but you are not sure of it, look out for these signs:

    • They frame reasons to see you or to be with you: If you notice your boss/co-worker often keeps coming to your cabin/desk for one or the other work, looks for excuses to come up and talk to you, bumps you during lunch hours or tea-break, leaves office at the same time as you do, this is not a coincidence by any chance. They are just looking for ways to be around you in a subtle way.
    • They often compliment you: If they constantly compliment you whether it is on what you are wearing or some project that you are working on, it’s a sure sign that they are flirting with you.
    • They avoid talking about their partner: When you and your boss/co-worker hang out for a coffee or lunch or dinner and involve in casual talk and they try to avoid the fact that they are married, you should know what they intend to! And if they include you more in the conversation and exclude the details about their personal life, know it, they are interested in you, for sure!
    • They ask you out for coffee or lunch but don’t ask anyone from the office: Grabbing a bite or heading for a coffee with boss/co-worker is not a big deal but it is when they ask only you and no one else from the office. They barely talk to anyone and it’s only you who is included in their lunch/coffee meetings. It’s a clear sign!
    • They send flirtatious text messages: They keep texting you and send lovey dovey forwarded messages. They often text “Good Morning” and “Good Night” and send messages secretly, it’s a sure shot sign of flirting.
    • They always pick you: You might be your boss’s favourite employee but it can’t happen every time that they pick you for every project. If they favour you a lot, you are not imagining it, right?

So, now the question is, what will you do if your married boss/co-worker is flirting with you? Make it a point not to react to it, avoid situations where you can be alone with them especially outside the office and if you have to be a little cold to get to your point, that’s completely fine!

Just do what you feel is right!

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