How to make a Girl Kiss You?

How to make a Girl Kiss You?

Most of the times girls never initiate the first kiss. So, if you want to get a girl to kiss you, you have to show your magic power!

If you want to kiss a girl on the first date or kiss a girl you are attracted to but haven’t yet asked out, you will have to take it slow and follow the signs and body language of the girl you are dating before moving for the first kiss.

However, the first thing you will need to do is to build up chemistry with the girl you are dating, that’s one of the ways to warm her up.

But building up chemistry is just not enough to make a girl kiss you, you need to follow a few steps to make her wrap in your arms and kiss you passionately.

The following ways are safe and you will never find yourself in an awkward situation.

Get some alone time

How to make a Girl Kiss You?

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Kissing is all about the moment. You can take her to your place or if there is no one at her place, you both can spend some alone time at the place as well. But, remember, it should be just both of you and no third person. There should be no distractions, be it your phone or TV or anything else. You both can try to engage in some naughty talks and get cozy with dim lights. And this situation will surely work in your favor.

Sit close and flirt sexually

You can sit close to your girl while showing something on your phone or reading a book together and ask her something. But be discreet, do not be very obvious. She should never know what your intentions are.

Sit close and flirt sexually

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And do not ever get sexual right away. Do not get involved in dirty talks on the first date itself, talk about her, yourself, likes, and dislikes. And as you both get to know each other, you can get a little personal with your talk.  And then you can just go with the flow and you will know if she gives you any hint: P

Get her in the mood

How to make a Girl Kiss You?

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You can get her in the mod by holding her hands, stroking her palm or forearm. And get really close to her, breather near her ears. Take her to some romantic place and talk something romantic. Be a little naughty. If she is comfortable, touch her frequently, hug her and let her know how much you love her. All these will get her in the mood and she will be the one to lean in forward, grab you and kiss you.

This is a sure trick that will work out!

Give her a small peck

This can be a little tricky but it works out in most of the cases. Once you feel like she is warmed up to you, talk about your relationship with her, and talk some cheesy stuff (most of the girls like). And as you finish with your talks, turn towards her and softly place a kiss on her cheek and smile. If she smiles back, she will definitely make a move to kiss you back. So, you are almost there now!

Fun-loving Approach

This approach definitely works out because it lets you show off your fun-loving personality and girls love those who are fun-loving and possess a good sense of humor. It’s one of the best segway to a kiss.

You can find some playful activities like tickling each other, throwing pillows on one another, tease one another and play the run and hit game.

This approach works really well as it allows you to increase proximity between the two of you and involves some form of body contact as well which is a way to get closer and break any kind of rigidity. This way she might fall for you and give you a gentle kiss.

Know about Intensity

You need to start with the basics. First of all, look at how the girl is standing or sitting. If her torso or majority of the body is facing towards you and she is not distracted by anything, know that you have all her attention. The next step would be to make an eye-contact and if both your eyes meet, you are going really well. This would be one of the signs that you can approach her and start the conversation. You will know that she is interested in you and as you touch her, the girl might break this intense unspoken tension by going in for a kiss.


Being spontaneous does not come with everyone and in the matter of getting sexual, if anyone is really spontaneous, he/she has got it!

Approaching with spontaneity might seem to be a little difficult, but this kiss could be a kiss that you both would remember forever.

The trick is to find the right time that the girl will welcome the kiss but won’t necessarily expect it. So just give her a small kiss, and trust me, she will return the favor more passionately.

In this case, you just have to be confident enough and do not stumble upon your own words and or fail to grab her passionately.

Getting a girl to kiss you can be a great challenge, no matter who you are. There are some basic pieces of tactics that you should know and follow. Remember to be yourself and be confident as you approach the girl.

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