How to meet new people and what talk about

No matter how confident we are to be seen. But it is difficult to talk to unknown persons. This struggle turns into trouble when you start liking that person! Here are some of our suggestions to talk to new people:
How to meet new people and what talk about


There are great advantages of a good smile. One, you feel good on your own. Second, it is easy to talk to you for the other person. I mean with good smile one can easily make space in heart of other people. It creates a friendly environment for discussion.

Think good & positive

Before going to talk someone, repeat and memorize your strengths like ‘I am looking great today’ and ‘I am always full of self-confidence’. By following these steps will surely impress the person whom you are talking.

Find a common topic to talk

Once you have reached for talk with full of self-confidence, then after introducing yourself, start a subject on which both of you have something easy to talk. You do not even need to say something unique, you can start with a very simple question! like:

Have you come here before?

Do you and your friends often come to this place?

If you are in a party, you can ask how you know the host. Try to know if some of your friends are not familiar with them.

Push forward to talks

Start with simple topics like discuss a movie recently released or talk about your favorite music. Once things start, he/she will know more about your personality. Talks about your interest and habits and see if your interests are same in things like that. But just not keep talking about yourself, trying to know about them too. Ask them questions and during talk time put eyes in their eyes and indicate constantly that you are paying attention to what they said and You are interested in. Some of below questions you can talk.

“This song that is playing, I love it very much! What type of music do you like?”

“I and some of my friends went to that new restaurant, there was a wonderful meal, I like that, what kind of food do you like?”


Praising them is an integral part of flirting. Just keep in mind that they should not have any kind of discomfort. Compliments should always be true, otherwise people will catch your lie and after that you will be seen with suspicion. Physical quality or features such as buttocks, chest etc do not talk. I think this may be insulting to people. You can talk about their clothes, eyes or hair such as:

  • How beautiful are your eyes
  • By the way this dress is look great on you
  • In this shirt you are looking very good
  • I feel great when you laugh, this smiles even on my face

Trust Yourself

If you copy someone, you will surely be caught sooner or later. If you want someone to really like you, then be honest. (It does not mean that you start telling the sad story of your life and previous relationships to them.)

exchange your contact numbers

If you feel that some attachment in both of you are being established then ask them that can you contact me on the phone. After that, if you are going somewhere with friends, you can invite them or he/she discussed about any movie then you can ask if he/she would like to see a movie with you. Tell them how much you liked meeting with him/her and you should meet them again soon.

Do not be afraid of Rejection

Some people don’t talk to other people due to fear of rejection. But if you do not try then you will never know whether they will talk to you or not and you will always be remorse that You do not have the courage to talk to them. If other person is not interested in you then do not take this matter in the heart, it may be that his/her mood is bad or they are worried about something which you do not know.

Be polite

Do not be disturbed if things are not growing positively between you. Politely tell him/her that you enjoyed meeting with you and after getting permission go to your friends. Always adopt a friendly attitude, maybe you meet him/her again and you would like them to remember you as a person who was humble and treated with respect.

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