How to start an online chat with a girl?

Starting a conversation online with a pretty girl might give you chills, but it does not have to be so. It gets easy when you send the first message. But, how do you go about sending that first message that could lead you somewhere?
How to start an online chat with a girl?

You just need to keep a couple of things in mind, so, here are few tips to get her attention:

  • Avoid pick-up lines and ask thoughtful questions: Pick-up line shows your inability to be original. Let your conversation be friendly and casual and keep up the flow. Keep in mind to keep your conversation meaningful. And remember, the conversation is not just about you, so just don’t keep talking about yourself, ask her a few questions and read her answers carefully in order to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Know your strengths: You should know your strengths and play them up. You might not be perfect for everything but you should be confident about yourself. And you may be funnier, wittier, and smarter than other guys, so, just play up your strengths in a subtle way to impress her.
  • Compliment her: Guys, often misunderstand what complimenting a girl actually means. It’s not about complimenting her about looks or about her body. Compliment genuinely that’s eloquent. Compliment on her talents and activities once you get to know her. Like, if she is a writer or blogger, you can just say “I have read your blogs and I loved all of your write-ups, they are just amazing”. Trust me, this is the best compliment ever for any writer/blogger (Experienced :P)
  • A good sense of humour always works out: Keep the conversation breezy and enjoyable. Write or message something that would make the other person smile. Don’t make it feel like a job interview, it happens when you keep asking questions, so just try to keep it light. And girls love those guys who have a good sense of humour. (Know this: Humour is an important ingredient for a positive conversation.)
  • Don’t make the messages too superficial: Let me tell you, women are not a fan of messages telling them how beautiful or sexy they are and it is I plied that you are physically attracted to someone that’s why you are messaging, right? So, you don’t have to say it again and again. And please do not send any forward messages about love, friendship, good morning and good night, it’s irritating. So, avoid these kinds of messages to have a decent conversation.
  • Talk about a common interest: Once you get a flow of conversation, and if you think there are certain common interests between you two, talk about it. You can go like, “Hey, did you notice we do have similar interests, hiking, trekking, and Italian cuisine and nature lover. Coincidence, right? You sure you didn’t snip my profile, hehe” with an emoticon. This would work out really well!
  • Be patient: You need to be calm while texting the other person. It might take a while for her to respond, so just don’t keep pinging her. She will reply once she gets free or she thinks of talking to you. You need to have patience. Do not rush the other person to message, otherwise you will limit your chances for a future conversation and a real date as well. Texting could be a way to your meeting for a date. So relax!

We have a list of a few Do’s and Don’ts. Follow these to avoid any mistake while texting her.


  • Write with correct grammar and spelling. Do not sound uneducated and lazy. Don’t text in this way: “How R U or Wht U Doin or U shd nvr writ lk dis”. Got it?
  • Listen and respond to what she talks about her interest and ask meaningful and thoughtful follow-up questions.
  • Do ask open-ended questions and avoid any close-ended ones


  • Don’t use pick-up lines
  • Don’t start chatting with a remark about her looks
  • Don’t just blabber about yourself
  • Don’t talk about the weather or any generic topics
  • Don’t use mirror selfies for a profile picture

Finally, I would like to say that see, if you have things in common and you both are compatible enough, then the conversation will flow like anything. However, if it’s not so, be appreciative of the chat and move on. And once, you both get really comfortable with each other, know that it’s time for you to meet the f=girl over a coffee or lunch or dinner.

Good luck!

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