How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day: 10 Romantic Ideas

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine

What to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter if you are seeking to surprise your girlfriend by doing something out of the box or if you have a few things in mind.

There are many indoor and outdoor options that you can plan and surprise your girlfriend. It depends on you how you want to plan it and make sure you know what she would like on a date. Make it a good one!

So, if you are wondering how to surprise your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day, here are some of the ideas that can help you out.

Try out!

1. Glam Night out

You can plan a glamorous and romantic night out and tell her to get dressed in her best outfit and take her to a venue that’s just mind-blowing where you can enjoy live music and get romantic. So, this would not be just about the venue but more about the experience and there nothing more romantic than live music, dinner and drinks and both of you. She would totally fall for it!

You can take this surprise to the next level by blindfolding her while you are driving so that she has no idea where you are heading to. Just remember to make reservations in advance.

2. A Weekend Getaway

Take your girlfriend on a weekend getaway to spend some quality time together. Explore a new place/places that you both have not explored yet and choose a destination that’s romantic and chilled out so that you have all the time for yourselves. And you can plan for a road trip as well if your girl loves long-drives. This would be one of the best ideas that you can think of!

3. Relive your first date

If you have been together for some time, you can plan a surprise for your girlfriend by recreating how you first met. You can choose the same venue and order the same things if your tastes haven’t changed :D. And remember to décor up a bit and propose her again the same as you proposed her the first time. This would be a fun and romantic way to celebrate. And if you are at some next level to your relationship, it could be a great opportunity for a proposal.

4. Plan a Movie Night

A movie night doesn’t have to be always heading to a theatre and holding up a corner seat. Think something creative; surprise her by planning your movie night by creating your own personal cinema. You can rent a projector or ask any of your friends and watch movies on a white wall or a big screen. And don’t forget blankets, candles, pillows, and cushions. And grab some of her favorite treats and drinks to have alongside a nice big bowl of popcorn. And an ice-cream tub would add cherry on the top! Turn on her favourite movie and enjoy your date!

5. Gift her a scrapbook or write a handwritten-note/letter

Collect your favorite photos of your time together and create a scrapbook with some memories as captions or inside jokes. You can also write a poem or letter, let your heart out. She will love this gesture and your effort of writing a letter for her. You can write down things on a piece of paper and roll them into tiny buts and put them into a jar and or fancy envelopes. Surprise her with these presents, these would surely melt her heart.

6. Candlelit dinner at home

Woo your girlfriend if you got some really nice cooking skills. Make her a nice dinner at home and start off a meal with her favourite starter and main course to follow and don’t forget dessert.  She would be surprised to see you made her favourite meal.

7. Surprise Lunch

When your girlfriend is at work, you can visit her during lunch hours and get her favourite food, chocolates, and flowers as well. Spend some time with her and let her you can’t wait until she gets home. She will go like “Awww”….And if you are also at work and can’t make a lunch date work, have flowers, food, and chocolates get delivered to her with a sweet note. This gesture will have her smiling for the rest of the day.

8. Valentine’s Day Care Package

Valentine’s Day is a great time to go the extra mile! Rather than just sending a gift, try to send an oversized box filled with care packages like hair care package, foot care package, hand care package, or if she is a fitness freak, pack her something nutritious and fitness related stuff.

9. Surprise her by taking her to a shopping spree

If you didn’t get time to buy any gifts for her or you are confused about what to buy, simply take her shopping. Surprise her with a trip to the mall or her favourite store. And let her know she has all the time she needs to shop. Be patient and let her pick out some pieces that she loves and indulge with her while shops. Shopping would be one of the best gifts that any boyfriend would give as no woman would hate shopping.

10. Spend the entire day with her

As teenagers spending the entire day would be possible but as adults with a busy working schedule, it can be a little difficult.

So, if not the entire day, make sure you get over with work early and catch up with her and give her all your time. Time with your loved ones is always a precious gift, and offering it to a person will always accentuate how much they mean to you.

So, what surprise are you planning for your girlfriend this Valentine’s Day?

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