Interesting Things to Talk to your Girlfriend

Interesting Things to Talk to your Girlfriend

One of the best ways to become closer to your girl is to find some interesting topics to talk about that you both could relate. It’s not only about one partner but both the partners should keep adding new and exciting things in the relationship to make it lively and fun. The best way is to communicate openly but t communicate you should know what, when, and how to start any topic for conversation that would bloom your relationship and your girlfriend fall more in love with you.

Not sure, what kind of conversation you should indulge in with your girlfriend?

Don’t worry, here is the list of a few topics that would surely help you out in talking about some interesting things with your girlfriend.

Talk about her interest, friends, and family

Talking about your girlfriend’s interests will make her realize that you are genuinely interested in knowing everything about her and her life. You can further ask about her family and friends and if possible meet her friends and gel up with them.

You can also talk more about her interest and hobbies. And if you both share common hobbies, you will get one more topic to talk about and you will surely bond better.

Compliment her

Remember to make your girlfriend feel appreciated and loved. Every girl feels special when she hears a genuine compliment from the guys she loves. So, compliment her enough about her dress, her smile and the way she is. Good compliments always lead to romance and romantic conversations. Just let her know how special she is for you. When you compliment her and tell her how she looked on her first date, this will ultimately create a topic to talk on. So, you know making a conversation with your girlfriends is not rocket science, you don’t have to even make any extra effort. Just go with the flow!

Discuss things you have in common

When you are dating someone, you certainly have many things in common. The things that made you feel connected at the start are the things that will keep growing more and more until death apart you.

So, if you have things in common, talking about these things will create a closer bond and connection. And even if you have a few differences, it will not affect your relationship.

Tell her what you love about her

Don’t you love if anyone says positive things about you? Or wouldn’t you love if your girlfriend gives you a list of what she loves about you? You surely will get amazed and would hug your girl and would want to talk more and more. Isn’t it?

So, let your girl know what you love about her. If you really want to make her feel good and want her to keep involved in the conversation, make sure you tell her the things that you really like or love about her. This will, in turn, make her tell what she loves about you and the conversation will keep going.

Discuss Your Future together

It’s obvious that you might bit be ready to talk about marriage and kids as of now, but you can talk about future plans related to career, studies and let her know about your as well. This will make you both feel more connected to each other and will strengthen your bind.

Even if you just talk about your next weekend plans or ask her what her plans are will help in bringing up more topics to talk on. And discussing things about future will let your girlfriend know that you are really serious in the relationship and have been thinking for a long-term commitment. This would earn you a brownie point as well J

Talk about her day

You can just start your conversation by asking how her day went. Your girlfriend will love this as this shows you are attentive and sensitive to her needs and patient enough to listen to her rant if she has to. Your girlfriend will love it when you ask her about her day.

And if you are busy at work, just send a text asking how her day is going and if possible ask her to meet up in the evening. This will make her understand how much you care and think about her. She will be awe-struck with this.

TV Talks

When you want to build up interesting things to talk with your girlfriend, it does not mean you are looking for productivity, you are actually looking for building intimacy. Right?

So, to start your conversation, you can watch TV or Netflix together and discuss about the shows that you watched together. And even if you watch the shows individually, you can talk about what shows you both watch and discuss about the same. This way you will have more things to talk about with your girlfriend which will keep both of your interest in the conversation.

This could also give you an idea to plan a date night. You can have a date night with your girlfriend and watch her favorite shows with popcorn and drinks.

Sex Talks

Sharing information like your fantasies, fetishes, favorite positions can help grow intimacy between you two. And talking about sex and fantasies would be really interesting as you both will get to know something new about each other. And you never know you both might even share the same fantasies. You might get really lucky!

Conversations don’t have to be profound. You can have normal, routine, and mundane talks and still be happy couples. The important thing in a relationship is to be connected with each other, be it any type of conversations

But if you want to have more interesting talks with your girlfriends and running out of topics to start the conversation, just follow these tips and you are good to go. So, what are you waiting for? Go and heat up the conversation!

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