Is your Ex-Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship? Proven and Effective Ways to Win her Back

Is your Ex-Girlfriend in a Rebound Relationship? Proven and Effective Ways to Win her Back

What is a Rebound Relationship?

A rebound relationship is the one in which you get into immediately after your break-up maybe to offset the pain you had from your break-up. In a way, a rebound relationship might fill an emotional or physical gap. Getting into a rebound relationship may make you recover from an old one.

Here are some of features of a rebound relationship:

  1. You know you are in a rebound when you are just using it feel better about your loss or pain
  2. A rebound relationship marks the person’s need to feel they matter. It can make them feel loved and needed.
  3. A rebound relationship can also give sometimes physical satisfaction, though you might compare with your previous one.
  4. You know you are in a rebound relationship when you want to just end it as soon as it got started.

A rebound relationship can get started quickly but they don’t tend to have any lasting power. They are actually temporary places for your ex to retreat to in order to satisfy their emotional needs of feeling loved and desired. Sometimes, your ex-girlfriend can enter in a rebound relationship hastily, just after a night out and revenge in her mind. Usually, the impact of the rebound on people is far more negative than it is healthy.

So, if you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend when she is in a rebound relationship, here are some of the ways that you can follow to win her back.

  1. Don’t try to sabotage the other Rebound Relationship

The worst mistake you can make is thinking to talk to your ex-girlfriend to not see this rebound or making any visible things that can make them apart. If you try to force your ex to stop seeing someone, it will likely make her want to see him even more. And even if you try to guilt trip your ex-girlfriend, she will more likely try harder to make it work and prove you wrong.

  1. Show her you have options too

So, your girlfriend has a new boyfriend and she started seeing him just after your break-up. You know this is not going to last and even she might know it. And you know why she is dating again, just to make a point.

Instead of criticizing her to make this hasty decision, why don’t you follow the same suit as hers? You can also ask out someone and start hanging out with her.

But in this case, you have to be more careful when it comes to getting intimate. You will have to handle it in a subtle way and try to make your ex-girlfriend jealous tat would register on her radar. Probably, then, she might understand.

  1. Surprise her or Shower her with surprises

Now, it’s the time to show your ex-girlfriend that how much you want her back. Don’t let the rebound relationship go for too long, you never know your ex might get into him. So, the sooner the better.

And this is the time that she hasn’t gotten completely over you. And once you see the best opportunity, grab her attention in a positive way and show her how much you still love her.

So, plan something special for your ex-girlfriend and do something that it’s just impossible for her to ignore. You will have to make some extra effort to win her back and as you know her really well, you would know what she loves the most.

So, whatever you think to settle on, be sure you surprise her with some flair. Let her know how much effort, thoughts, and planning you have been doing to woo her.

Trust me; she will surely come back to you. She might get on with some drama but this will make her smile and you would definitely win her back.

  1. Try to develop a healthy Communication

When you try to communicate with your ex-girlfriend again, go slow and think before you act. If you can establish healthy communication back with your ex, you can subtly make the changes in your relationship.

You can try to rectify your previous mistakes and make positive and new memories; this would make your ex to feel attracted to you again. And make sure you are genuine with all your acts and words this time, if you are, you have every chance to win her heart all over again.

  1. Apologize

If you have started communicating, go easy with flirting at first, she will be wary and defensive this time. So, give her ample time to come back. When she is with her rebound, act as if it doesn’t matter to you. And try asking her about her dates and tell her how your dates used to be. These things would happen only if you apologize and make a healthy communication again.

And if she doesn’t want to communicate with you, you can always text and remind her about your memories and dates. And let her know you have changed and would want to build that connection again.

But here is the thing, do not text her again and again, you can just text her or call her once in a while. And if she doesn’t reply, ignore. She will definitely reply after a few hours. So, wait and watch!

Be really patient and don’t apply any pressure on your ex-girlfriend. In this way, you are letting the natural process of a push-pull technique to do its magic.

It’s very likely that you won’t hear from your ex when she is in a rebound relationship. She might even avoid you or ignore you until and unless she realizes that she is making a mistake.

With the above tips, you might let your ex-girlfriend know that she is in a rebound relationship which wouldn’t last for long and try to win her back.

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