Love that’s Real and True

What is love? A true love? A true love does not equate with the sense of floating on clouds, it’s all in the movies or series. Love is not what we see in movies, people in love do not always feel gooey around each other. Love is a strong feeling, connection, and emotion that you feel for someone. It’s an overwhelming experience!
Love that’s Real and True

True love cannot be felt in a heartbeat or just a glance, it takes time. And do not go by the saying “Love at first sight”, you can’t really fall in love with a person at one glance, it cannot be love but an infatuation. However, it is possible you might fall in love with the same person as you tend to meet and know him/her more.

To love someone truly, you need to first understand that person, know him/her more, accept the person the way they are, you need to have that emotional connection with that person, it’s only then you would really care and support that person. When you feel that true love, it would arise within you, you will not have to make any effort in loving that person.

True love is not about being locked into some desperation with each other, hoping and praying that no one cracks the shell. It’s about being together in each and every situation of life, it’s about sharing each and everything with one another without any judgment.

True love is the kind of love, connection, bonding, affection that you have for someone that is just not bound by any conditions. It’s simply unconditional. Don’t you think so?

When you experience true love with someone, your instincts and behavior do change only towards that particular person. You become little different than you were. This is a typical human behavior. You tend to become extra wonderful towards that special one. Have you ever experienced this?

True love actually takes time to bloom. What you experience in the first few months might be just an infatuation or sexual attraction. An infatuation starts to fade away with few arguments, misunderstandings and then love enters into the picture. It is at this phase when you know about compatibility with one another. If you both get successful in sorting out your issues and live a happy life, then love takes the next step, but if you drift away emotionally, know that it was never “love”.

If you completely understand each other and you both are emotionally available for each other given any situation and you feel you are compatible enough to stay together for the lifetime, you feel that special connection with one another, you are entering into the phase of “true love”.

If you enter this phase, your bonding turns into a pure, selfless and unconditional love and that’s what I feel is true love. When in true love, you are completely fearless and full of passion to love each other.

There are few signs through which you would know if you are experiencing true love or not. We have listed down a few:

  • More about giving than taking: Do you feel the person you are with is not selfish at all when with you. He/she believes in giving you more and more and never expects anything in return. And even you feel the same for that person. This is a clear indication of being in “true love”.
  • Involvement in every aspect of life: If you both include each other even in a small decision and share each and everything without any hesitation, without any fear of getting judged, it’s true love!
  • Pure happiness: Even if you had a very tiring day and you are irritated with your supervisor or subordinates at work but seeing that person brings a smile on your face and fills you with intense happiness, it’s definitely true love. No doubt!
  • Making efforts to make the relationship stronger: You might be really busy with your work but then you try to make your partner feel loved and special every now and then and your partner appreciate it. You take an extra step to make your partner realize your love and care towards him/her, you love doing something special for him/her. What do you think this is? True love, is it?
  • Communication is the key: If you give each other enough time to talk about your day on a regular basis and listen to each other’s problems and everyday aspects, love is in the air! If you are in true love, you will always have time for your partner.
  • It’s about “We”: If you truly love your partner, you would see them as a part of your life. If you both think in terms of “we” and not “you and me” and take the decision together, it’s a sure sign of true love. This means whenever you think about your future, you always see them by your side. Lucky are those couples!
  • Thinking about each other’s perspective: Everything you do, be it planning a party or planning for a vacation, you keep your partner in mind. The first thought in your mind would be about him/her as you never want to make them feel bad or hurt them. This can happen only when someone truly loves the other person.
  • You will feel it: Finally, true love is something you will just feel yourself. It’s natural! It’s an extremely strong and warm feeling, you will just be on cloud 9 when you experience it.

If you are in a relationship and have not experienced these signs, do not fret. Your relationship might not have reached that stage. So, just take your time and test waters.

However, at the same time, if you both are really happy in the relationship, don’t try to change anything about your relationship. As long as you are happy and understand each other, you are already experiencing a perfect kind of love!

If you have experienced true love, you can share your story with us!

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