OkCupid can literally make the Cupid fall for you

OkCupid can literally make the Cupid fall for you

To make the journey of our life beautiful, we all need a partner who is there with as no matter what the situation is. God has blessed us all with our respective partners but to look for our partner in the big crowd of human beings isn’t easy. The relationship is a vital part of human life, being in a relationship we learn to grow, we learn to tackle situations, and most importantly we learn to love endlessly. In the end, we need to have someone who can sit beside us and hear us while we narrate the incidents of our day? To explore love being in a relationship is such a beautiful feeling. With the help of technology today, to search for our partner has become easy. You can surf different dating websites to get your match. Here we have a fantastic website OkCupid which will help you to find your partner.


This website was launched with the motive of pairing the people with their interest. No doubt the site has been successful in making the dating process a success. On this site, you can get in touch with the people of different parts of the globe.

History of OkCupid

This is an American-based website, which is operated all around the globe. The website is focused on online dating, social networking, and friendship. The website is owned by Humor Rainbow, Inc. and was launched in the year 2004. The founders of this website are Chris Coyne, Christian Rudder, Max Krohn, and Sam Yagan. In the year 2007, Times Magazine listed OkCupid in the category of top 10 dating websites. OkCupid was acquired by IAC/InterActiveCorp. The operators of match.com, for US$50 million in February 2011.

Features of OkCupid

The interesting part about this website is, to make your profile on OkCupid the first and the thing that you need to do firstly is you have to answer some in-depth questions. You are allowed to send messages for free; there is absolutely no restriction on scrolling down the list of profiles available on this website. If you are an introvert and hesitate in starting a conversation or if you are shy in talking to a person of the opposite gender, no worries the website will help you with dating tips and advice. Once you become a member of this website, you will get notifications related to various tricks and hacks you can consider before starting up with any person.

Some add-on features of the website

This site is simply perfect to bring your search for a life partner to an end. You can find your perfect match which suits your personality your interests, mentality, hobbies and other criteria. And if you are willing to look for the best partner, then you have to add all the details about you so that the one who visits your profile gets to know about you in an elaborated way. You get the free subscription on this website, and this feature is not found in all the dating sites. The site has created an excellent platform for all the ones who are still searching for their ideal match. The users have expressed impressive views as per their experience on this website.

Some of the paid features

You have more advantage if you take the paid subscription of this website. What is the most irritating thing we see while surfing on the internet, the ads of course? You can easily get rid of all these ads bouncing in the middle of your search if you choose to become a paid member of OkCupid. No ad will disturb you by covering the space of the screen. Once you become a paid member, you get the right to see all the people who have liked you before you started checking up on them. You can also get to see whether the person whom you have sent the message read your texts or not.

In the incognito mode

Once, you enter into the incognito mode your profile is invisible for everyone until and unless you like them or text them from your side. To turn off or turn on the incognito mode is totally up to you. You also have the right to block people on OkCupid if you find them annoying.

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