Can you accidentally fall in love?

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AvatarMichelle john answered 6 months ago

Yes, one can fall in love accidentally as love doesn’t need any planning. You might be friends with someone, and you might fall in love with him/her. You never know when you fall in love.

These days online dating apps and website have become really popular and people date through these apps and meet as well in the real-world. And you might just be looking for a hook-up but you might fall in love with that person, It can happen accidentally, right?

You never thought about it and its happening! You can’t stop your emotions for anyone. Sometimes he/she might not have all the points mentioned in your check list but they might attract you and you fall in love with them. Isn’t this an accident?

One more situation: You might be friends with benefits with someone and have agreed for “no commitments: but you never know when this FWB turn into a relation. You might get feelings for each other if you spend most of the time with them. And accidentally FWB can turn into a loving relationship.

So, you never know when you fall in love. Love happens accidentally!


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