Does Tinder really work in India?

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1 Answers
AvatarJenny Mark answered 5 months ago

Tinder works really well in India like any other countries. Tinder has launched many more features as well. However, tinder dating is still frowned by many societies in India as dating openly in India is not accepted by many people.

Tinder, in India, has attracted many men and women of all the ages. Tinder is not just for those who are looking for hook-ups, people also use it for a committed relationship. And there have been many cases that a date through tinder has turned into a long-term relationship.

One of my friends (she is from India), she casually installed Tinder and met a guy. She met him for a couple of times and they started liking each other and this relationship turned into a serious one. Now, they are even planning for marriage.

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