How can I stop loving someone?

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AvatarDevid John answered 6 months ago

More often it’s very difficult to stop loving someone. Sometimes, even if we know it’s just not possible to get him/her back in our life, we still keep making efforts and do not come out of that situation. In this way, you will end up hurting yourselves, so why not follow the following tips to stop thinking and love about someone.

  • Get rid of the gifts, letters, mementos
    The most important step to stop love someone is to get rid of all those triggers that remind you of them. So, just delete all those mails, chats, and trash those letters, and other gifts. And also delete them from all your social media accounts so that you don’t even get to see what he/she is up to these days. This is the first thing you should do.
  • Focus more on yourself
    When kin love with someone, you actually forget about yourself. So, don’t get your mood off and make up a list that you always wanted to pursue and get engaged with those. Embrace your freedom and try out whatever you want. Love yourself and spend some quality time with your closed ones. This way you will surely stop loving someone else and start loving yourself!
  • Change your routine life
    You can plan a vacation with your friends, this will surely divert your mind. You will start enjoying your life and stop loving someone else. You can pursue some new hobby or make some random plans with friends and go for a night out with them. Focus on those things that are a source of pleasure for you.


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