How do I get the attention of a girl and how do I know if they are interested?

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AvatarMichelle john answered 6 months ago

Getting a girl’s attention might be a little difficult, but with a few tactics you can win her heart and get her interested in you.

1. Be charming: You should be charming in your behaviour and the way to talk and behave with others. You need to speak with a grace and a warm personality to charm a girl. If you have this charming personality, you will surely grab her attention.

2. Be cheerful: Girls are attracted to cheerful and happy guys as they are more fun to be with. And if you have a good sense of humor, you are lucky enough to attract a girl and there is no doubt that she will not be interested in you. A good sense of humor in a guy help earn the brownie points.

3. Eye Contact: Eye contact can do a lot if things in creating romance. It’s one of the easiest way to grab a girl’s attention but do it in a subtle way. Do not keep staring at her. You should know the art of flirting with eye contact and you will make her like you without even walking up to her.

4. Compliment her: Good compliments are one of the ways to the girls’ heart. Girls never forget a genuine and appreciative compliment. If you want her to remember you tell her something nice, something nice about her or her behavior. She will surely melt down for you.


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