In what strange way you met your other half?

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AvatarShefali Nair answered 3 months ago

Dating is not easy and to find your better half is really difficult. You do not just click easily with anyone. It’s about something special!

So, talking about one of my friends. She met the love of her life in a strange way. She met a guy online (on a social media) and started with a chat. They got along really well and used to chat for hours and hours. Finally, they exchanged their numbers and started talking on phones and used to text a lot. They both got a spark and they enjoyed talking with each other. They guy was from a different country but he wanted to meet her badly. Their talks and chats continued for a year. And finally, the guy visited her and proposed her. She was so overwhelmed. Without even giving it a thought, she hugged him and kissed him and they were full of love!

See, how social media can connect two souls!


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