What are signs that someone has fallen out of love with you?

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AvatarShefali Nair answered 6 months ago

Love is not the only thing that is required for successful relationship. It’s about commitment, understanding, and a little adjustment from both the sides.

No relationship is perfect. You need to make a few efforts to sustain your relationship. And yes, not every relationship lasts for long but then to save it from dying, you need to watch out the early signs and work towards the same.

Here are a few signs that will tell you if someone has fallen out of love with you:

1. Getting a negative vibe
You get the feeling that he/she does not care any longer, you get that negative vibe from them. You are not able to see those spark in their eyes or that smile on their face. It’s a hint that your partner is falling out of love.

2. Communication
Communication is the base of every relationship. If you feel communication is dying, relationship is also dying. It’s one of the earliest signs of falling out of love. If your partner lacks interest in talking to you, they are losing interest in you.

3. Not spending time
If your significant other refuses to spend some time you or when he/she is with you, they seem to be unhappy and they are just there for the sake of it. It’s a sure sign that he/she is falling out of love.
We all need some time for ourselves but in a relationship it should not ever feel like that you are the only in that relationship.

4. Not including you in any discussion
If you are thinking of building a future with them, it’s important that you discuss with them and if they don’t want to talk about it any time, know that they are not serious. And if they discuss their future plans with their friends and family and do not include you, know that you are not their priority and they are falling out of love with you.


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