What are the signs of a fraud boyfriend?

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AvatarAlma kori answered 6 months ago

You might have some doubts on your boyfriend but unsure whether it’s true. So, to know if he is cheating on you or he is a fraud, here are a few signs to help you figure out.

1. It’s all about sex: If your boyfriend talks all the time about sex and is more interested in sex than making a real conversation, it’s a sure sign that he is a fraud. And he is not looking for anything serious but just sex. You might notice if you say “No” to sex, his attitude might change and he cares less about anything else.

2. Secretive: They are really secretive about their phones, messages, and social media profiles. They don’t let you check any of it. They keep passwords for everything and never tells you. So, know it there is something wrong in your relationship.

3. Not available: They are often not available when you call and they seldom message you or call you. You are the one who keeps calling and texting. They always have excuses for not calling or picking up the call or replying to your text. This is definitely not a sign of a boyfriend who really loves you.

4. They don’t let you meet their friends or family: They keep you at arm’s length from their friends and family because they are afraid that they will caught once you meet them. They just don’t want anyone to know about you. And it’s an indicator that your boyfriend is a cheat.

So, look out for these signs if you have any doubt on your boyfriend.


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