What did you learn from previous relationships?

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AvatarMichelle john answered 6 months ago

Over the years, I had some interesting relationships bonded by love. And I don’t have regrets. Each relationship, experience, feeling taught me something about love and life. Here are few things that I learnt from my past relationships and I believe everyone will be able to relate to it.

Treat yourself as the first priority

Mostly when in relationships, we tend to forget ourselves. We keep doing things that our partner would love. Your partner must be really loving and caring but then even you should take care of yourself and pursue things that you love not what your partner loves. So, learn to love yourself first!

Engage into discussions, don’t lead it to a fight

It’s normal for couples to fight, but fighting for small things will never make your relationship strong. It’s better to have a healthy discussion ad very important to listen to each other. Do not jump to conclusions or assume anything before listening to the other side. Discussing things will allow you to share your feelings and thoughts.

Be Yourself

If you cannot be yourself in front of your partner, know it-this relationship is not meant to be. You can’t live forever being fake and it’s with your partner that you could be all yourself. You don’t have to put that mask on when you are with your partner. You should be able to laugh out loud, say anything, share each and everything, and be carefree. Isn’t it? So, just be yourself when you are in a relationship with someone.

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate!!!

Communication is very important in any relationship. You should talk to each other often, share your thoughts and ideas with one another. And if you do not like anything about your partner, let him/her know about it instead of cribbing about it. Just keep in mind to listen to one another completely and you surely will have a smooth relationship.


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