What does being a boyfriend mean?

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1 Answers
AvatarShefali Nair answered 4 months ago

Being a boyfriend has different meaning to different people. So, one cannot actually define a meaning of boyfriend as it will vary from person to person. However, when asked to few men, they gave the answers as below:

1. “Being a boyfriend means, waking up every day to be the best person, to make her feel special, to do something that she appreciates, and it’s just about her”. So sweet!!!

2. “It means to be your girls’ best friend as relationship is an extension of friendship, so what better than be best friends and treat her the best way”.

3. “Two thoughts come to my mind: compliment her, and say “yes” to everything”. Hehe. Funny!

4. Being a boyfriend means to listen to everything your girl tells you and agree to it. And, they are always right kina true sense.”


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