What is more important for you, sex or spending time together?

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1 Answers
AvatarDevid John answered 3 months ago

Sex is special, but then it’s not the primary thing when it comes to a relationship. An emotional intimacy, a quality time is what I feel the most important thing in a relationship. You might be having a passionate sex with your guy but you are unable to talk to him or you just can’t stand him at times, this will destroy your relationship. And in my opinion, if you communicate well with your partner, spend some quality time, then sex is always there! Isn’t it?

A long lasting and positive relationship require more than the physical intimacy to survive. Couples who surpass the physical aspect grow much more and connect well with each other as there are lots of things to share outside the bedroom.

Sexual connection is important for a healthy relationship but it’s not that important beyond a certain point. Just be sure to spend some quality time with your partner while having passionate moments.


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