What makes a husband happy?

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1 Answers
AvatarMichelle john answered 7 months ago

1. Show Him Respect
2. Show Interest in His Hobbies
3. Have Consistent Sex
4. Do Something Unexpected for Him
5. Be the Best Version of Yourself – You should do regular exercise to maintain figure up to date.
6. Go to concerts together
7. Take Care of Him
8. Have an attractive and confident attitude
9. Trust Him
10. Call Him out When He Does Something Wrong
11. Stop Trying to Change Him
12. Send Him Sexy and Flirty Texts on regular interval
13. Be Understanding
14. Make a Comfortable Home
15. Make his favorite dinner or dessert
16. Take Care of Yourself – Spice up your sex life
17. Be romantic – save time for romantic activities.
18. Lower Your Expectations – don’t ask to complete some thing impossible expectations
19. Keeping the Flame Alive
20. If Something’s Bad, Try to Make it Better
21. Take the time to make a playlist of your hubby’s favorite songs or find new songs that you think he will like.


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