What type of women are interested in married men?

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1 Answers
AvatarAlma kori answered 6 months ago

Women are most likely to get interested in married men. According to a study, around 85% of the females admitted to get more attracted to a man who was already taken than a single guy. It’s not about what type of women, but most of the women get interested in married men. You can’t specify the type in this case.

There might be many reasons that women fall for married men. They might feel married men are more experienced and mature and women love to date mature men. A married man will definitely be more responsible as marriage comes with responsibilities. And he will surely be more thoughtful. And if we talk about sex, a married man might have mastered the map of a woman’s body. He knows what would be the pleasure points and give her what she wants: P

So, it’s natural and any woman can fall with a married man.


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