What types of women make bad wives?

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AvatarRubey Moorie answered 3 months ago

If you are thinking to get married, you should know types of women you should not marry. Here is the list:

Dismissive Type

A dismissive type of woman devalues her partner’s preferences, opinions, and desires. She might always turn a conversation towards herself and fail to consider her partner’s desires. This type of women will never listen to you and just think about herself.

An Overly-Dependent Woman

Every relationship has a level of dependence and independence but when it swings to an extreme, relationship might get in distress. An overly dependent woman look to her partner the most, to meet all her needs, especially her emotional needs. She might manipulate you through her emotional outbursts, withdrawal or demands. So, check her out carefully and decide!

Discouraging Type

It’s difficult to stay emotionally and physically connected to someone who keeps discouraging you all time, even if it’s your wife. If she is discouraging type, who makes you feel like you can’t do anything no matter how hard you try, she is not the good wife. You actually feel worse in her presence than better. She is definitely not a good wife.


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