When did you stop loving someone?

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2 Answers
AvatarMichelle john answered 7 months ago

Despite the fact that love can be superb, but in some cases it can hurt you more than pleasure. Possibly you just experienced a terrible separation or maybe you’re in relationship with somebody who doesn’t love you back. These moments can be terrible and you may think about how to move past them and be cheerful once more. You can avoid loving somebody by making distance, and move ahead with your life.

Maybe today, maybe in a year, only you will know when to stop loving someone base on your current mutual understanding. If you have developed an emotional attachment from that someone, you will be think positive to stay in the relationship, and accept him hurting you.

What you need to do is get help from friends and relatives because the way to stop the cycle of a love-hurt relationship is to separate from your partner. That separation will help you understand that, having a relationship with someone who hurts you is not healthy. It will also speed the process of stopping to love him.

If the hurt is deep and continued you will stop love when you receive “the last and final cut” so this means you still have hope. And you’ll be hurt another time before you stop loving.

AvatarShefali Nair answered 7 months ago

When you realize that
1. the insult or injury was intentional,
2. you see no credible signs of remorse or shame,
3. if your intuition don’t allow you to trust again,
4. when you suspect there will be more.
5. if he is not giving time to you.
6. if he is not giving respect your values.


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