Where can 2 people easily chat secretly?

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AvatarShefali Nair answered 6 months ago

To ensure that your conversations stay private, you need to choose secure messaging apps for your phone. There are various apps available that you can download for free.

1.Telegram: Telegram has many impressive features like, chat backup, disappearing messages (messages with expiry date/time attached). You can also enable “Secure Mode” to ensure your chat remains secret.

2.Silence: You get all the benefits of suing SMS/MMS, without Wi-Fi but there are a few drawbacks like, you can’t have a video call or group chat. And to make sure everything secured you need to enter a unique “pass phrase” to keep the app locked. And it can also stop your communications to get screenshotted at the other end. Cool, right?

3.Facebook Messenger: You should use Facebook messenger only when you are comfortable Facebook’s data and privacy practices. You get every feature on the messenger, video call, voice call, stickers, GIF, and many more. And everyone has this Facebook messenger setup on their phone, you don’t have to tell anyone to install it.

4.WhatsApp: This is the most common app for chatting worldwide. WhatsApp has become really popular as everyone has this app installed on their phone. It provides a lot of features that any other app could provide. The chats are fully encrypted and there is no way to turn it off. WhatsApp is also owned by Facebook which means you need to use this app if you comply with all Facebook’s privacy practices and matters.


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