Which are the best online dating sites for Indians?

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AvatarShefali Nair answered 6 months ago

Online dating has made a great space in the Indian market. You see, every other Indian girl or boy is on tinder. They keep swiping right and left. Tinder is the most popular dating apps among Indians. Besides, tinder there are many other dating sites and apps in India that you must try.

Here is a list of those dating sites and apps:

  • Badoo: You might have come across this name “Badoo” if you have been using dating sites or apps frequently. The design and interface of the app is quite interesting as it was changed recently. It supports 47 different languages and the app has tried to make itself distinct from the other apps and websites.
  • Woo: This dating app is for all the educated professionals. It has some unique features such as: Voice Intro, Direct messaging, Question Cast, and it’s pretty engaging for the users. It’s mainly for those who are looking for a serious and committed relationships.
  • DesiKiss: It was founded in 2002 to connect Indian worldwide in the dating forum. You need to fill up a questionnaire form in order to get a match. However, it’s not necessary to answer all the question, you can answer those you find relevant. You can try out this app to find your perfect one in other part of the country!
  • Kama: This app is not only for Indians but for the entire South-Asian community. The app is based on the social discovery and believes in giving complete control to the user. This app has something new, so if you want try it, try this one for sure!


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