Re-Ignite Passion in Marriage

Re-Ignite Passion in Marriage

Remember those initial days of your relationship?

You laughed together, hugged, kissed, danced, and shared everything with each other. You couldn’t keep your eyes off each other. And the intimacy and chemistry between you two was mind-boggling. Isn’t it?

And how is your relationship now? Is it started getting dull and boring? Is that intimacy fading away?

You might have noticed that romance seems to fade away at some point of time in most of the marriages. And no one wants to lose that passion in their marriage, everyone wants to feel a connection, a sense of intimacy and bonding with their partner. But at times that connection disappears somewhere, so how do you rekindle the passion in marriage? What could be the cause of stagnation in your marriage? What could be that missing factor to rediscover a sense of emotional and physical attachment?

There can be many causes for the lack of passion in your marriage. You might not even know it. But whatever the case may be, the important thing is to ignite the passion again in your relationship. So, here we have listed down some of the ways in which you can reignite love and passion in your married life.

Plan a Date Night

If you have never thought of setting up a date night for your partner, it’s time to plan up now. You could surprise each other with some activity to rekindle love in your relationship. It’s not necessary to spend a lot while planning this date night. You can easily set up at your home with a candlelight dinner and some drinks and music and just the two of you. Remember, love is not about materialistic things, it’s about small things that matter to the couples. You just need to make some effort to show how much you love and care for your partner.

Be fun and creative

Marriage does not mean you can’t have fun anymore. Be the same person as you were before marriage. Never change yourself and be the fun-loving and charming one. Remember, in order to keep the spark alive in marriage, you will have to keep the fun alive. Be serious and sincere when needed but don’t let the fun and creative side of you disappear. Plan out some fun activities together, go out for a get-together or just a getaway and enjoy with your partner. Take a day off from all the chores and enjoy the day!

Rediscover sexual pleasures

Make love to your partner in different ways, different places, and try out various positions to keep the love alive in your marriage. It’s not necessary to have sex every other day, it’s about being passionate and sexy while making love to each other. You can create charm even with foreplay and fondling that would do wonders!

If you have any fantasy or fetishes, talk about it to your partner as he/she might be finding ways to share it with you. So, you can initiate the topic. I would be really interesting to explore each other’s’ fantasies. Such desires will surely bring back lust and love both in your sex life. Try being more sensuous, sexy, romantic, passionate with each other and lit that fire again!

Break up the routine and try something erotic, intimate, as sex needs change!

Open Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship. At the initial phase of relationships, couples share and talk with each other a lot but as the relationship gets old, the couple gets busy in their work, and communication between them slowly fades ways. Do not ever let this happen. If you feel you are having communication gap, talk to your partner, and ensure you both spend some quality time together and talk about your daily routine at least. This will always keep the connectivity flourishing between you two. Communication is really important if you want to reignite the passion in your marriage. If you do not open up with your spouse, how will love and passion come into the relationship?

So, open up and share everything with your significant other.

Emotional Intimacy

A good relationship is based on emotional intimacy and closeness. If you want to improve your relationship, first you have work on your emotional connection. If you both do not connect emotionally, it would be difficult to embrace each other physically as well. To bring emotional intimacy in your relationship, you will have to understand your partner’s feelings, emotions, and desires. You will have to make an extra effort to know him/her better and build an emotional connection. If you build up an emotional connection in your relationship, passion and love will ultimately get kindled. So, work on it!

Engage in with your partner

You can try a variety of activities that bring you both pleasure. Have fun in flirting with each other to ignite sexual desire and intimacy. Engage in those activities in which you can spend a good time with your partner. You can plan to give a massage to your partner and it’s not necessary to involve sex in it. Give him/her a good massage and play some soft music and let him/her enjoy. Your partner will surely love it and appreciate you for all these efforts. It’s one of the best ways to ignite love in marriage.

Reignite passion and love in marriage is all about recollecting those little things that you used to do in the initial phase of your relationship. You just need to get back right there.

Remember, love between the couples never fades away, it’s just that people get busy and the feeling of love hides behind the work, anger, frustration, resentment. You just need to know how to shower your loved one with love and care.

Rekindling love in marriage is not a tough task, it’s just you will have to put a little extra effort for your significant other. So, go ahead and follow the above-mentioned pointers in order to bring back the passion in your marriage.

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