Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Signs of an Unhappy Marriage

Marriages, like other relationships, are not free from problems. But it is only when couples are not able to sort these problems that their marriage hit the rock bottom.

A marriage that does not exhibit love, support, and respect for each other becomes lifeless and unhealthy.

If you both are happy in love, you will surely know it and if you are unhappy in the marriage, you would know it too.

If a marriage is so easy to read, why is it that many of is get shocked or surprised at times when our relationship falls apart?

If your relationship is hitting choppy waters and exhibits any of these signs, it’s time to stock up the things and spot the red flags. It’s time to take a look at your marriage!

Read these to know the signs of an unhappy marriage and take a conducive decision if you want to stay in the marriage or not.

  1. Your partner is always on the defensive

Whenever you raise a concern, does your partner immediately throws back an excuse without taking responsibility for anything?  When one of the partners start getting defensive in the relationship, there is no room to build the relationship again. This is one of the signs that you are not into a happy marriage.

  1. Leading Individual Lives

In a marriage or long-term relationships, both the partners should understand each other and each other’s lifestyles. It does not matter how different your career paths are but knowing each other’s work and life is important. Many couples do not make any effort to understand about their partner’s work life and daily experiences. Yes, it’s true that you should give each other space but giving space does not mean that you start living an individual lifestyle.

Remember, if you can’t give emotional support to your partner that your partner wants, your partner would look for someone else for that emotional support. This would lead to problems in your married life.

  1. The Blame Game

Pointing a finger at your partner is easy. If you are in an unhappy marriage, you find yourself constantly blaming your partner for one or the other reason.

Arguments do happen in any marriage, but arguments are not used as a tool to inflict pain. Healthy arguments is a sign of happy marriage, not blaming each other.

  1. No more sex or physical affection

If you both have become sexually inactive or are least interested in getting physical, it’s one of the signs of an unhappy marriage. Lack of intimacy and affection are tell-tale signs of an unhappy marriage.

  1. Insecurity

Feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, anxious and ambiguous where you stand in your marriage is a clear sign of an unhappy marriage. Insecurities and fears, whether unfounded or reals indicates that marriage is not working out.

  1. Lack of Connection

You don’t seem to relate to each other anymore. You might be physically together but not mentally. Couples do work on differently but then they have a connection and if that connection is missing, know that your marriage is not going to last for long. Losing a sense of connection with your partner is one of the signs of an unhappy marriage.

As soon as you spot these red flags of a failing relationship, you must talk to your partner. Try to sort it out and communicate each and everything. If you both try to understand each other and promise to make a better future, you can give your marriage a one more try. Otherwise, it’s better to get out of the relationship and move on to lead a happy life.

So, use these tell-tale signs of an unhappy marriage to find out if you are experiencing any of it in your relationship. And if you are, you can even seek help from the counselors but first, try to communicate it with your partner.

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