Signs of true love in relationship

Friends, all of us sooner or later fall in love with someone in stage of life. The magic of love speaks in your mind. Love makes a different feel, which can not be forgotten. The people in love do not see anything. It is very difficult to express love with words.
What are the signs of true love in a relationship

What are the signs of true love in a relationship?

Many expect they are in love though it might simply be a attraction, an one sided emotions, or simply dear friendship. But you can definitely recognize true love. If you love someone and you think he/she is just your friend, then consider these things. May be you have fall in true love too. Everybody desires or chase for true love, but it is elusive like butterfly. It takes some time to blossom. Following are some sign of true love.

  • If you start feeling so much like your friend that you are ready to change yourself. So you have become true love. In such a situation, you want to be like your friend.
  • If there is a fight or hard arguments between you, and after that there is easy reconciliation. This is the sign or indication of true love, who can not live without each other even after fight with one another.
  • You can’t hurt your partner. When you are really in love with anyone, you can’t hurt them by any way.
  • Feeling alone yourself:If you do not tolerate their absence, you feel their absence which feel you weird as if something has gone away, then understand that you have become true love. It is obvious that we miss the most whom we likes from bottom of heart and likes are the foundation of true love.
  • You keep your words. once you give a assurance to the person, you retain it although this person doesn’t know that you just forgot it.
  • When you actually love your partner, you like them as a part of your life and your future.
  • Suddenly, when you wish to listen romantic songs or feel like singing, or if you feel their face in front of your eyes, then understand that you have fallen in love. It is usually seen that when there is love, romantic songs like something more.
  • You share their problems and don’t like to them in trouble. you’re continuously willing to assist in their difficulties even supposing you have your own issues.
  • Pride and jealousy. you feel proud on their achievement even though you may have missed that honor. once you love somebody, you can not be jealous.
  • If you are going to ignore any bad habit of your friend, or if you start feeling good about some bad habit, then take care of it, you have fallen in love.
  • when you consider your friend so good to be ready to do anything for him. Such a situation comes only when you have fallen in love with Someone. Someone close to you seems to be more adorable, for whom you are ready to do anything then keep in mind that you are in true love.
  • You will ready  to suffer, just to see them with happy and smiley face.

So do you have someone special in your life or dreams? are you in love?


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