Signs that Your Ex-Girlfriend wants you back

Signs that Your Ex-Girlfriend wants you back

Relationships are mostly filled with emotions. If you break-up with your girlfriend or boyfriend because of some fight or any reason, the impact will surely stay in your mind for a few days. Right?

Traces of love and desire are often left behind after a relationship ends and can be recognized easily.

However, sometimes we realize the value of things or even people in life only when they are no longer a part of it. A person might break up due to some reason but repent later. Has something like this ever happened to you? Is your ex-girlfriend acting a little weird these days? Is she looking for one or the other way to meet you? Does she want a friendship with you?

Well, these signs might mean that she wants to get back with you. So, to get in more detail to know if your ex- is looking for ways to get back with you, here are a few signs that would surely tell you if she really wants to patch-up.

Here you go:

She keeps communicating

If your ex starts texting you or calling you and talk for hours and hours and tell you everything about her and her life, it could mean she is looking to get back with you again. Moreover, if she is the one who is initiating the talk or messages and responds quickly and you reply, it’s a sure sign that she wants you back in her life.

She stays connected on Social Media

If you notice that your ex is stalking you on social media, whether it’s seeing you Instagram or WhatsApp Story or following you on Facebook and other social media account, it’s a sigh you are still on her mind. And if she still likes and comments on your photos and posts, it’s likely that she wants a comeback.

She gets Jealous

If you happen to meet your ex at a bar and you are with your friend or your new girlfriend, and you find your ex-getting bothered by it, it could mean she has not completely got over you. And if she shows signs of jealousy, it can be a sign that she is still looking to get things to work out between you two.

She finds excuses to stay in touch with you

Did you ever get a call or text from your ex just to know how have you been doing and how are things going on? Or did you ever notice that she has been looking for ways to catch up with you? If yes, it indicates that she still wants to be a part of your life. It’s one of the signs that she wants to get back with you. So, watch it out!

She discusses past memories

If your ex-girlfriend gets back to talk to you and talks about your past memories and give subtle references to the moments from your relationship, she is dropping a hint that she wants to come back in your life.

When a girl brings up the good times and opens up talking about the sweet memories that you both had spent together, it means she wants to reconnect and reignite that spark again.

She drunk texts you calls you

Have you ever got a drunk text or call from your ex-girlfriend? You might have got a phone call like “Oh, I didn’t mean to call you or I wanted to talk to someone else, Sorry”.

Drinking actually gives courage that would help your ex say all those things that they would never have when they are sober. And if they do not drunk dial but leave a long loving e-mail or text, know it, she is not over you yet and wants to hook up again with you.

She replies to your messages promptly

If a girl has nothing to do with you now, she will not care to message you on time or she might not even text you back.  But if your ex replies within a minute, that means she is still emotionally invested in you and she was waiting for your text. The quicker she replies, the more enthusiastically she feels about you. And it’s a sure sign that she still has hopes to get back with you.

She opens up

What could be the biggest sign to know whether your ex wants to patch-up with you?

It’s when she tells you openly how much she missed you. Your ex might text you or call you and talk about how much they miss you, miss being with you and spending the time with you. She might express warmly about her feelings and how she is feeling about her relationship. This sign indicates that she loves you a lot and seriously wants to get back with you.

If you notice any of these signs, it could surely mean that she is hoping to revive that chemistry again between you two. But do not jump the gun. Take your time and think carefully before taking any action. Figure out how you feel for her at first and make the conclusion.

It’s really important to have clarity in mind whether you want to get back into the relationship with her not. And you also need to figure out that you both would not bring up past issues again. So, if you think it might be a good idea to get back, have a healthy conversation with your girlfriend first and sort out each and everything and start over new again!

Good Luck!

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