Signs your guy loves you or lusts you

Signs your guy loves you or lusts you

Love at first sight! Do you really believe it? There is a lot of debate over whether or not even it exists. But how long does it take to fall head over heels in love with someone? How do you know when it’s just a physical attraction and it’s finest?

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are a few ways in which you can tell the differences between love and lust.

To track these tricky waters of love and lust, here are few differences to know if the guy is searching for lust or he really loves you.

1.Physical or Emotional Connection
The kind of a man who lusts cares only about your physical state, but the man who loves asks you about your emotional side. When in love, you share a connection that goes beyond lust and an emotional intimacy even by just holding hands or cuddling? Girls, have you ever felt that connection?

2. Intentions
The man who loves you is very clear about his intentions and the purpose of the marriage as well. However, the man who lusts just questions and deviates from the topic.

3. What’s more important: Physical Appearance or Attitude
The guy who lusts you expects you to be dressed properly and be perfect all the time. Girls, are you comfortable in your PJs and messy hair when with him? Think about it!

The guy who really loves you never cares about how you look or what you wear or whether you got waxed recently. He always wants you to feel confident about yourself. All he cares about is that you are with him!

4. Future Plan
Does your guy include you in his future plans and care about your opinions? If he does so, he really loves you, girl! But if your guy never talks about any future plan and doesn’t think it’s necessary to take your opinion or suggestion regarding the same, it’s a sign of lust!

5. Emotionally Available
Love is something that connects individuals emotionally as well as physically. You can make your partner feel better even if you are not present physically with her. They just need your support. If a guy loves you, he will always be emotionally available for you. However, if a guy lusts you, he will not care about your emotional state, he would be least interested to handle you emotionally.

6. He is great around your family and friends
If a guy loves you, he would be really friendly and not crib about meeting them. He knows how important your friends are for you and would do anything to make you happy.

7. He admires your face than your body
You might have a body to flaunt but if a guy loves you, he will admire more about your face, your smile rather than commenting anything about your body. And every time you glance at each other, you might get that tingling feeling. That’s love, not lust!

8. Obsession with physical appearance
If a guy loves you, he really doesn’t care whether you have waxed or what you are wearing. The obsession with physical appearance reduces once you really get into each other. All he cares is to be with you and see you happy and smiling always. If you can relate this with your guys, do not ever let him go! He really loves you a lot!

9. Affection does not lead to sex all the time
The guy who is in love with you does not expect sex out of every kiss or cuddle, rather enjoys intimate moments as much as he would enjoy the wild and horny sex. This affection is love and creates a level of comfort and pleasure for both the parties. You will surely know it, whether it’s lust or love!

10. “We and Us” or “Me and I”
The man who thinks of you as a part of his life and makes it clear that he is truly committed to you, he is the one! And if you notice “I” is starting to replace “We” that’s a strong indicator that he plans on sticking around. Girls, he is the one! Don’t ever let this guy go!

There is no test that you can take to know if someone really loves you. But I feel these pointers are pretty good to know whether a guy is just interested in your body or he wants all of you!

So, if you start falling for someone, make sure they are giving you the right signs and that they want to move pasts the bedroom as well.

Be careful about your choice!

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