Smart Ways to Ask a Girl for her Phone Number

Smart Ways to Ask a Girl for her Phone Number

You met a girl, had a date with her and you really enjoyed talking to her. When it is time to say goodbye, you don’t want to bid goodbye to her and you also want to take this date further. So, how do you ask her number?

You might hesitate and think over it again and again whether you should ask her number or not and if yes, what would be an appropriate way to ask for it. You might feel anxious about it. But it’s not something that you have to think over a lot.

Honestly, it really isn’t that difficult to figure out how to get a girl’s phone number on a date. Being a girl, I know some of the ways in which you can ask a girl for her number and she won’t mind a bit. She would happily give you her number. People think girls are complex in nature but there are certain things that every girl has in common.

It might seem like, we girls are not interested in giving you our numbers, but if we enjoyed the date and the company, we always look forward to giving the number or ask your number. It’s just that we want the guys to play hard! 😀

So, here are some of the smart ways in which you can ask her phone number, without getting awkward or sounding creepy.

Give her a compliment

Girls love compliments. But complimenting on her looks or smile will not work towards getting you her number. You need to compliment on her hobbies, interests, style. You need to be different and impressive. The best compliment that would increase the chance of getting her number is to compliment her intelligence or some talent of hers.

Don’t be clingy

You can ask her number casually while having the conversation. You can just slip in your question in-between the sentences.  And if she says, yes, sure, give me your number, will text you. Don’t get too excited. Just behave normal and give your number. And do not get frustrated if she doesn’t turn up sending her number. Wait for some time, she will definitely text you. Do not send her messages on her social media profile for asking her number again and again. If she is taking time, you can just normally start a conversation again.

Ask her straight

When you are working on how to ask a girl for her number, make sure you ask her directly. Do not ever try to ask her friends or cousins.

You know how creepy and cowardly it makes you look when you don’t have it in you to ask her directly? Girls hate it!

So, try to be subtle and ask her number smartly!

Strictly No to “Cheesy Pick-up lines”

Girls do not fall for cheesy and inane pick-up lines anymore. Girls find these lines to be annoying and they might feel that all you want is to get laid. So, for obvious reasons, she would never want to give you her number.

So, just skip these stupid pick-up lines and just be yourself. Be gentle. And it would definitely work way better.

Ask her to text you

If you are short on time and got to leave, you can just ask her to text you as you need to run for some urgent work. Or you can just say, “I am running late for some work, can you just give me your number, I will send you a text.”  And as you are in a hurry, she would not mind giving you her number.

We hope you have some cool ideas now to get a phone number from a girl. It might take some effort but do follow these tips and techniques, you might get lucky!

So, keep these above-mentioned tips in mind and be confident and charm her in a way that she finds irresistible to date you!

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