Things Relationship Experts Know and You Don’t about Dating

Things Relationship Experts Know and You Don’t about Dating

Relationships don’t look like they used to. So, what does it take to make a modern romance work? Relationships take a little effort of both the partners. Relationships might end up with tears and empty Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry’s or last until forever; this actually depends upon various factors, but your own actions, words, thoughts, and opinions play a significant role.

Finding love in 2019 has its own set of unique and modern challenges. But fear not, these days we have relationship experts and therapists who have complete knowledge of how love and dating work with different kinds of people. These relationship experts give a perfect piece of advice that would sail you throughout your relationship.

There are a few things about dating and relationships that we have been following without even knowing if that’s true. So, here are a few things about love and dating that relationship experts know and we don’t. These relationship experts’ advice and suggestions would be of great benefit for everyone.

The Most Successful Marriages Start at this Age

Many of us are of the opinion that the older you tie the knot, the more solid the marriage will be. Isn’t it? But, this is not exactly true as per the relationship experts. According to these experts, the sweet spot of the reunion between the partners is maximum 32 years of age. The risk of divorce declines with age throughout 20s, but after 32, it increases by 5% every year. So, are you willing to take that risk?

The older you were when you were married, the less likely you were to get divorced.

Support and Invisible Support

When your partner is stressed but hasn’t asked for any help, helping in an obvious way wouldn’t be right from your side. We think asking them if we can be of some help or showing them extra care and support would end up making things different. Your partner might think, “I must be stressed so much that my better half has been thinking so much to do  something for me”. And this would create a negative impact on him/her. However, as per the relationship therapists, it doesn’t mean that you don’t care or support your partner when they are tensed or frustrated. Be with them though invisible support. Help them in a way that does not draw their attention. You can support them but they should not know about it. In this way, you both will be satisfied and happy together.

Physical Intimacy is a vital part of the relationship

According to the relationship experts. The more frequently you have Physical Intimacy with your partner, the more positive their implicit or feeling about the relationship is. But, if you don’t have any emotions attached to it or you are not passionate while having physical intimacy, it wouldn’t mean anything. Physical Intimacy is important but bonding and intimacy should be the primary things in relationship and dating.

When you see your significant other coming home and you smile for no reason, that’s what intimacy is which means you are doing good with your relationship. A relationship and dating is a phenomenon which requires effort at the initial phase and then you do not need to make any effort to work it out. In fact, you love doing things for your partner.

So, dating is not all about getting physical, it’s about emotional and physical intimacy.

Opposites do not Attract

We have heard that “Opposites Attract”, but what relationship experts have to say is “Opposites do not attract”. The relationship and dating therapists have found that people are more attracted to those who hold the same views and values as themselves. These experts further suggest that strangers who hope to hit it off would do better to play their similarities rather than trying to impress the other one with traits or attributes which make them different.

However, people continue to think opposites attract but in reality, similar partners become more complementary as time passes by.

Don’t be scared to be Vulnerable

We think being vulnerable in relationships might be scary and our significant other might not understand or might take it in some other way. However, relationship experts suggests that it’s how you show your true self, so you don’t have to be scared. When you are dating someone, showing this side might deepen the connection and increase bonding and trust.

Love is in small things

Most of the people tend to buy expensive gifts for their loved ones to make them happy but you need to understand that love is in small things. Saying and doing small, simple expressions of gratitude every day is what love all about. If you appreciate your partner and say “I Love You” every day, that’s enough for a healthy relationship. Dating someone doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of amount, it’s about the little things you do together.

It’s not about what you fight about, it’s how you fight

Fights are inevitable in any relationship and yes, sometimes fights are important as well. But there is a difference between healthy fighting and hurtful fighting. You need to know the differences between the two. There might be one or the other reason that we fight about in relationships but we should be careful what words and action we are choosing to fight. As the way we fight creates a long-lasting impact on our relationship. So, the experts are of the view that watch out your words and actions before plunging into a fight with your partner. Be mature!

Here are two important tips from the experts:

  • This is for all the girls-Guys hate it when women overdress and wear a lot of make-up. It looks as if it was applied with a spatula: P. Finding love and date required compatibility and it’s difficult to connect with someone who can’t be their true selves.

Smile at everyone, every day. It’s simple. And it will surely open doors for you to make easy conversation and someone would knock your door you didn’t even think of. Try this out and be prepared to have a wonderful dating life.

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