Things to Consider Before you go for Arranged Marriage

Things to Consider Before you go for Arranged Marriage

When you decide to go for an arranged marriage, there might be many things running in your mind that you would like to ask your potential match and many questions that you might be thinking about post-arranged marriage.

It’s obvious to get confused by the circus of looking at different men and women and choosing one out of many or your parents might just ask you to marry someone who your relative recommended. There will arise many such situations but you need to focus on what you want and what is it that you are looking for in an arranged marriage. People will say many things but you should do what you want to do. It’s about your lifetime commitment!

So, here are some of the things that you should definitely consider before going for an arranged marriage:

  1. Spend quality time

You need to give yourself and your potential partner some time to get to know each other better. Spending some quality time with each other would allow you to find about each other’s’ likes and dislikes, habits and behaviors, and other things about each other. You need to give your potential partner and yourself sometimes before marriage, so the two of you can get to know each other better. Quality time with each other would give you both a clear picture and it would be easy for you to decide to say “yes” or “no” for marriage.

  1. Compatibility:

It is one of the most important elements that you should keep in mind before saying yes for an arranged marriage. I know it’s not possible to have 100% compatibility in a relationship but some level of compatibility is necessary to lead a happy and successful married life. So, before you say “yes” for an arranged marriage, see that your match and you are compatible enough to give your lifetime commitment.

Do not just get into marriage out of compulsion. It’s you who has to decide and you have all the freedom to choose your life partner. If you cannot see yourself with this potential match, do not say “yes”, if you do, it would be a big mistake.

  1. Expectations

Whenever you meet someone for an arranged marriage, tell your expectations and also know their expectation. It’s always good to know what you expect from your partner. Clarifying the expectations would help you know more about each other and also you can measure your compatibility level. If you think you both might get along, discussing about future goals and career is also not a bad idea.

  1. Be open about sex

Marriage will be a tough road if you and your partner are not compatible physically. You need to know what their fantasies are and do they match with yours or not. And you also need to know how frank and kinky you both are in terms of getting physical. So, it’s one of the important topics to talk about. But do not ask this question straight away, ask this question after the first meet.

  1. Be prepared for the unexpected tragedy

Arrange marriage is like a gamble, you cannot know a person in just a few meet, right? You might or might not be correct in selecting your partner. You would judge and make your decision according to what you have seen and experienced in those meetings. And you never know your potential match could act or behave in a way that you never expected. So, you need to be prepared for these things as well and if the behaviour or any act is unacceptable, say “no”, you have all the right to express your feelings.

  1. Financial Compatibility

Talking about financial aspects is very necessary before getting into marriage. You both need to know how you will manage your finances so that you can plan your future accordingly. And do not ever hide if you got any liabilities or debt, you should tell your potential partner about it as well.

You need to also make sure that the financial comparability of your potential partner is flexible. This means that there should be earning equality amongst the partners. The question of “Who’ earning more or less” should never come in a relationship.

  1. Know if your potential partner is introvert or extrovert

We don’t always end up with someone who is exactly like us. Your potential partner might be a party animal while you might be someone who loves solitude. In such cases, it’s always good to talk about their routine and how they like to spend their leisure time. Asking these questions would let you know about their nature and you can make out if you would both get along or not.

  1. Know their Priority

These days mostly both the partners are working. So, it’s important to know how much priority each one of you gives to your career and family. Career is important for everyone. Talk about it in the early stages of your relationships to make sure there are no last-minute surprises.

  1. Spend time with family

It is said that if you go for an arranged marriage, you do not just marry one person, you marry the entire family (especially in India). So, it is important that you make time and get to know each other’s’ family as well. If you get along both with your potential partner and the family, it’s a green signal.

  1. Talk Openly about your Past

Since you are going for an arranged marriage, it’s best to talk about your past. This will ensure that there is no hidden aspect of your life that can ruin your relationship in the future. Talking about your past openly would show your honesty to your potential partner.

These were some of the things that you should consider before going for an arranged marriage. Asking these questions and considering some of these tops would help you to choose your best arranged marriage match.

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